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Applied Computational Thinking with Python: Design algorithmic solutions for complex and challenging real-world problems

Applied Computational Thinking with Python: Design algorithmic solutions for complex and challenging real-world problems

Wydawnictwo Packt Publishing Limited
Data wydania 27/11/2020
Liczba stron 420
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781839219436
Kategorie Programowanie zorientowane na obiekt, Języki programowania i skrypty, Nauki komputerowe
247.00 PLN (z VAT)
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Use the computational thinking philosophy to solve complex problems by designing appropriate algorithms to produce optimal results across various domains Key Features Develop logical reasoning and problem-solving skills that will help you tackle complex problems Explore core computer science concepts and important computational thinking elements using practical examples Find out how to identify the best-suited algorithmic solution for your problem Book DescriptionComputational thinking helps you to develop logical processing and algorithmic thinking while solving real-world problems across a wide range of domains. It's an essential skill that you should possess to keep ahead of the curve in this modern era of information technology. Developers can apply their knowledge of computational thinking to solve problems in multiple areas, including economics, mathematics, and artificial intelligence. This book begins by helping you get to grips with decomposition, pattern recognition, pattern generalization and abstraction, and algorithm design, along with teaching you how to apply these elements practically while designing solutions for challenging problems. You'll then learn about various techniques involved in problem analysis, logical reasoning, algorithm design, clusters and classification, data analysis, and modeling, and understand how computational thinking elements can be used together with these aspects to design solutions. Toward the end, you will discover how to identify pitfalls in the solution design process and how to choose the right functionalities to create the best possible algorithmic solutions. By the end of this algorithm book, you will have gained the confidence to successfully apply computational thinking techniques to software development. What you will learn Find out how to use decomposition to solve problems through visual representation Employ pattern generalization and abstraction to design solutions Build analytical skills required to assess algorithmic solutions Use computational thinking with Python for statistical analysis Understand the input and output needs for designing algorithmic solutions Use computational thinking to solve data processing problems Identify errors in logical processing to refine your solution design Apply computational thinking in various domains, such as cryptography, economics, and machine learning Who this book is forThis book is for students, developers, and professionals looking to develop problem-solving skills and tactics involved in writing or debugging software programs and applications. Familiarity with Python programming is required.

Applied Computational Thinking with Python: Design algorithmic solutions for complex and challenging real-world problems

Spis treści

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Computer Science
Elements of Computational Thinking
Understanding Algorithms and Algorithmic Thinking
Understanding Logical Reasoning
Exploring Problem Analysis
Designing Solutions and Solution Processes
Identifying Challenges within Solutions
Introduction to Python
Understanding Input and Output to Design a Solution Algorithm
Control Flow
Using Computational Thinking and Python in Simple Challenges
Using Python in Experimental and Data Analysis Problems
Using Classification and Clusters
Using Computational Thinking and Python in Statistical Analyses
Applied Computational Thinking Problems
Advanced Applied Computational Thinking Problems

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