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Practical Nutrition and Hydration for Dementia-Friendly Mealtimes

Practical Nutrition and Hydration for Dementia-Friendly Mealtimes

Wydawnictwo Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Data wydania 21/01/2019
Liczba stron 264
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781849057004
Kategorie Opieka nad osobami w podeszłym wieku, Opieka nad umysłowo chorymi, Zmaganie z chorobami, Pozostałe
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Opis książki

Presenting simple and cost-effective solutions for maintaining and improving mealtime abilities, this book discusses the practical aspects of eating and drinking as part of person-centred dementia care. Due to cognitive decline, changes in mealtime abilities can lead to malnutrition and related issues for people with dementia, alongside feelings of powerlessness and isolation. This research-informed book explains how to make the most of mealtimes for increased nutritional intake, socialising, and food enjoyment, in a range of care settings. The book covers topics such as the physical act of eating and drinking, creating a comfortable and friendly dining environment, using appropriate tableware, and dealing with common issues such as problems with swallowing and choking.

Practical Nutrition and Hydration for Dementia-Friendly Mealtimes

Spis treści

Foreword. 1. Dementia and Mealtimes. 2. Mealtime abilities in Dementia. 3. Assessing and Preserving Mealtime Abilities in Dementia. 4. Independence and Dignity at Mealtimes: The Ability to Eat and Drink. 5. Practical Interventions Section One: Enhancing Independence and Dignity at Mealtimes. 6. Preferences and Choice at Mealtimes: The Sensory Experience. 7. Practical Interventions Section Two: Augmenting Preferences and Choice at Mealtimes. 8. Oral Abilities and Behaviours: The Relation to Swallowing Difficulties. 9. Practical Interventions Section Three: Managing Oral Abilities and Behaviours. 10. Meal Behaviours: Effect of the Mealtime Environment. 11. Practical Interventions Section Four: Supporting Meal Behaviours through Adjusting the Mealtime Environment. 12. Summary and Conclusions. References. Index.

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