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Palliative and End of Life Care for Paramedics

Palliative and End of Life Care for Paramedics

Wydawnictwo Class Publishing Ltd
Data wydania 06/03/2020
Liczba stron 232
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781859596715
Kategorie Medycyna paliatywna, Medycyna ratunkowa i pomoc w nagłych wypadkach
188.00 PLN (z VAT)
$51.13 / €41.92 / £36.02 /
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Opis książki

Paramedics are often the first port of call for those requiring emergency medical attention and therefore frequently encounter patients who are receiving palliative or end of life care. As professionals whose training focuses on saving lives, how can paramedics help patients who are approaching the end of theirs? Palliative and End of Life Care for Paramedics provides a comprehensive overview of palliative and end of life care and how it fits in with the role of the paramedic. Bringing together a range of authors, including paramedics and palliative care specialists, the book covers relevant aspects of caring for patients at the end of life. Topics include philosophy, ethics and psychosocial factors as well as how to deal with palliative care emergencies, symptom control and caring for the dying patient. It also covers enhanced communication skills and supporting relatives and loved ones along with a chapter on professional resilience as a paramedic and coping with death. Putting end of life care within the context of the paramedic role, the book also contains case study scenarios which allow the reader to apply theory to their practice. It is essential reading for all those hoping to better understand the complexities of caring for patients approaching the end of life.

Palliative and End of Life Care for Paramedics

Spis treści

Chapter 1: Death and Dying in Society

Chapter 2: Defining Palliative Care

Chapter 3: Palliative Care Emergencies

Chapter 4: Symptom Management

Chapter 5: Enhanced Communication Skills

Chapter 6: Care of the Dying patient

Chapter 7: Ethics

Chapter 8: Professional Resilience

Chapter 9: The Paramedic as an End of life Specialist

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