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Something to Chew on: Challenging Controversies in Food and Health

Something to Chew on: Challenging Controversies in Food and Health

Wydawnictwo University College Dublin Press
Data wydania 28/05/2012
Liczba stron 208
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Do szkoleń zawodowych, hobbystycznych i naukowych
ISBN 9781906359676
Kategorie Dietetyka i żywienie
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Opis książki

"Something to Chew On" is an informative and entertaining book which covers from a scientific point of view all of the worldwide controversies dominating the popular press in relation to the safety and wholesomeness of the modern food chain. It deals with the topics of organic food, GM foods, obesity, growing old, the integrity of food research, global warming, global malnutrition, consumer perception of food-borne risk, our gut bacteria, and how nutrition during pregnancy primes us for health in later life. Each chapter presents multiple arguments and comes to a well-supported conclusion. Mike Gibney provides interesting examples, reports and stories from many countries. The book is highly suitable for the general reader and will be an invaluable guide to the science of nutrition for students of food and health.

Something to Chew on: Challenging Controversies in Food and Health

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With Regard to Food; Sugar and Spice and All Things Nasty; Modified Foods: Genetic or Atomic?; The Metrics of Food and Health; Personalised Nutrition: Fitting into your Genes; Plastic Babies: The Phenomenon of Epigenetics; Your Inside is Out: Food, the Gut and Health; A Tsunami of Lard: The Global Epidemic of Obesity; Greying Matters; Food and Health: The Science, Policy and Politics; My Food, Your Poison: Who Sees What in Food; How the Other Half Dies; Mankind and Mother Earth; Projections and Reflections; Notes; Index.

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