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The EBMT Handbook

The EBMT Handbook

Wydawnictwo Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Data wydania 2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 702
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9783030022778
Kategorie Hematologia
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This Open Access edition of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) handbook addresses the latest developments and innovations in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy. Consisting of 93 chapters, it has been written by 175 leading experts in the field. Discussing all types of stem cell and bone marrow transplantation, including haplo-identical stem cell and cord blood transplantation, it also covers the indications for transplantation, the management of early and late complications as well as the new and rapidly evolving field of cellular therapies. This book provides an unparalleled description of current practices to enhance readers' knowledge and practice skills.

The EBMT Handbook

Spis treści

Part I. Chapter. 1 HSCT: Historical perspectiveStorb, RChapter. 2 The EBMT: History, present & futureApperley, J; Gratwohl, A; Mohty, MChapter. 3 The donor registries (organization, regulation, international search...) Madrigal, A; Evseeva, IrinaChapter. 4 The HSCT Unit (minimal requirements, data manager trasplant coordinator) Aljurf, M; Niederwieser, Dietger; Rasheed, WalidChapter. 5 JACIE accreditation of HSCT programs Saccardi, RChapter. 6Statistics in HSCT and Cellular Therapies Labopin, M; Iacobelli, S; de Wreede, Liesbeth; Szydlo, Richard
Part II. Chapter. 7 Biological properties of HSC: scientific basis for HSCT Chabannon, C ; Aiuti, MChapter. 8 Biological properties of cells other than HSC (adaptative, abT, Treg, DC. Innete gdT, IELs MSC, NK) Toubert, A; Koehl, U; Bondanza, AChapter. 9 Histocompatibility (main concepts on HLA) K. Fleischhauer; SpieringsChapter. 10 Clinical & biological concepts for mastering Immune reconstitution after HSCTBoelens, J; Kuball, J
Part III. Chapter. 11 Evaluation and counselling of candidates Rambaldi, AChapter. 12 Donor selection for adults and pediatrics Ayuk, F; Balduzzi, AChapter. 13 Conditioning (MAC, RIC, NMA; including TBI) Nagler, AChapter. 14 Bone marrow harvest Gorin, ClaudeChapter. 15 Mobilization and collection of HSC Hubel, KChapter. 16 Collection of HSC in childrenPeters, C; Witt, VolkerChapter. 17 Processing, cryopreserving, and controlling the quality of HSC Wuchter, PatrickChapter. 18 Procurement and management of cord bloodRocha, V; Querol, SChapter. 19 Graft manipulation Handgretinger, RChapter. 20 Documentation of engraftment and chimerism after HSCT Bader, PChapter. 21 Short and long term controls after HSCT Shimoni, A
Part IV. Chapter. 22 Vascular access Cesaro, SChapter. 23 Transfusion supportSchrezenmeier, HChapter. 24 Fluid and electrolyte managementMasszi, T; Baumgartner, AnnicChapter. 25 GVHD prophylaxis (immunosuppression) Socie, GChapter. 26 Management ATG (SIRS) F. BonifaziChapter. 27 Infections control and isolation procedures Mikulska, M Chapter. 28 Pain management Ahmedzai, SHChapter. 29 Specific aspects of management in childrenCastagnola, Elio; Riccardi, FChapter. 30 Vaccinations de la Camara, RafaChapter. 31 Psychological support Moreno, E ; Schulz-Kindermann, F ; Polomeni, AliceChapter. 32 Relevant pharmacological interaction Bauters, TChapter. 33 Role of nursing in HSCT Babic, A; Murray, JChapter. 34 Ethical issues in HSCT Dalle, JH; El-Ghariani, K
Part V. Chapter. 35 Quality assessment of life after HSCT for pediatric and adults Barata, Anna; Jim, HeatherChapter. 36 Neutropenic fever Mikulska, M Chapter. 37 Bacterial infections Averbuch, DChapter. 38 Invasive fungal infections Maertens, JChapter. 39 Viral infections (CMC, EVB, VZV, HSV, HHV6, Resp. V, HCV, HBV...) & anti-viral cell therapyLjungman, P; Styczynski, J; Einsele, HermannChapter. 40 Other infections in HSCT (Tuberc, Toxo, PCJ, Noc, List.) Martino, RChapter. 41 Bleeding and thrombotic complicationsSavani, BChapter. 42 Graft failureValcarcel , D; Sureda, AChapter. 43 Early complications of endothelial origin Carreras, EChapter. 44 Acute GvHD Greinix, H; Holler, E; Zeiser, RChapter. 45 Chronic GvHD Wolff, D; Lawitschka, AChapter. 46 Post-transplant lymphoproliferative syndromesStyczynski, J ; Giebel, SChapter. 47 Iron overloadAngelucci, EChapter. 48 Secondary neoplasia (other than PTLPS) Tichelli, A
Part VI. Chapter. 49 Specific organ complications: Ocular / oral / pulmonary / hepatic Ruutu, T; Hashmi, SChapter. 50 Gastrointestinal complicationsBasak, GChapter. 51 Hemorrhagic cystitis and renal dysfunctionCesaro, SChapter. 52 Pulmonary complications Carreras, EChapter. 53 Neurological complications Dulery, RChapter. 54 Specific organ complications: Skin, hair, musculoskeletal Ayuk, F; Savani, BChapter. 55 Cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome Snowden, J; Greenfield, DChapter. 56 Endocrine, fertility and sexual healthSalooja, N; Shoham, Z; Balduzzi, A
Part VII. Chapter. 57 Monitoring MRD in ALL Bader, P; Ossenkoppele, GChapter. 58 Preventing/treating relapse with drugsKroeger, N; Mohty, MChapter. 59 Preventing relapse by mean cells (DLI, aBT, subsets, tumour specific T cells) Kuball, J; Falkenburg, JH Fred; Kolb, HJ; Locatelli, FChapter. 60 Cellular therapy (CAR T, TCR T, suicide genes) with management and side effectsBonini, C; Hudecek, Michael; Fehse, Boris; Bondanza, AChapter. 61 Mechanisms of Immune resistance and overcoming immune resistance (checkpoint...)Dazzi, F; Vago, LChapter. 62 Regulatory Aspects of ATMP versus minimally manipulated immune cellsMc Grath, E; Chabannon, C
Part VIII. Chapter. 63 At-home HSCT Fernandez-Aviles, FChapter. 64 Cord blood HSCT (adults & children) Veys, P; Rocha, V; Sanz, JChapter. 65 Haploidentical HSCT (TCD and TC-repleted)Ciceri, F ; Bacigalupo, AChapter. 66 Photopheresis in adults and pediatrics Greinix, H; Gennery, AChapter. 67 Pediatric aspects of haploidentical HSCT Gennery, A; Bertaina, A; Slatter, M; Lankester, A; Albert, MChapter. 68 Overweight and obese patients Langebrake, C Chapter. 69 HSCT in Elderly patiens Duarte, R
Part IX. Chapter. 70 EBMT indication for allo and auto HSCT BOARDChapter. 71 AML in adults (incl APL) Nagler, A; Cornelissen, J; Craddock, C; Sanz, MAChapter. 72 AML in children Gibson, B ; Sauer, MChapter. 73 ALL in adults Marks, D ; Stelljes, MChapter. 74 ALL in children and adolescents Peters, C; Locatelli, F; Bader, PChapter. 75 Myelodysplastic syndromes de Witte, T; Robin, MChapter. 76 Refractory Anemia and JMML in children Niemeyer, CMChapter. 77 Myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative syndromes Onida, F; Chalandon, Y Chapter. 78 Myeloproliferative neoplasms (CML, PM, other MPN) Olavarria E; Kroeger, NChapter. 79 Severe aplastic anemia and PNHDufour C; Peffault de la Tour, R; Risitano, Antonio MariaChapter. 80 Fanconi anemia and other hereditary BMF syndromesFioredda, F; Strahm, B; Diaz de Heredia, Cristina; Dalle, JH; Bierings, MarcChapter. 81 Hemoglobinopathies (SCA)Gluckman, E; Abboud, MiguelChapter. 82 Multiple myeloma Mohty, M; Blade, Joan; Bruno, BChapter. 83 Systemic light chain amyloidosis Schoenland, S; Minnema, MChapter. 84 POEMS syndrome and disease produced by other monoclonal Igs Cook, G; Rovira, MChapter. 85 Low grade NHL (follicular, MALT, MW) Robinson, S; Kyriacou, CChapter. 86 Chronic lymphoid leukemia Dreger, P; Schetelig, JohannesChapter. 87 Diffuse large B cell NHL Bazarbachi, A; Schmitz, NChapter. 88 Mantle cell lymphoma Dietrich, S; Hermine, OChapter. 89 Other T- and B-aggressive lymphomas (Burkitt, LL, PTCL) & Lymphomas associated to HIVHubel, K; Montoto, SChapter. 90 Hodgkin lymphoma Sureda, A; Martinez, CarmenChapter. 91 Primary immunodeficiency diseasesLankester, A; Gennery, A; Albert, MChapter. 92 Inborn error of metabolism and osteopetrosis Schulz, A; Wynn, RChapter.93 Autoimmune disease Snowden, J; Rovira, M; Alexander, T ; Sharrack, B ; Farge, DChapter.94 Solid tumors (adults and children)Lanza, F; Ladenstein, R
AppendixEBMT Registry Ruiz, C; Hewer

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