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Populism and World Politics

Populism and World Politics

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Data wydania 01/01/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 378
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9783030046200
Kategorie Ideologie polityczne, Stosunki międzynarodowe
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This volume is the first to analyze populism's international dimension: its impact on, and interaction with, foreign policy and international politics. The contributions to this volume engage conceptual theoretical issues and overarching questions such as the still under-specified concept of populism or the importance of leadership and the mass media for populism's global rise. They zoom in on populism's effect on both different countries' foreign policies and core international concerns, including the future of the liberal world order and the chances for international conflict and cooperation more generally.

Populism and World Politics

Spis treści

Chapter 1

Introduction: Analyzing the Nexus Between Populism and International Relations

Frank A. Stengel, David B. MacDonald and Dirk Nabers


PART I: Theoretical Issues in Global Populism Research


Chapter 2

Populism Beyond the Nation

Jan Zeemann


Chapter 3

How to Become a Leader: Identifying Global Scripts for Populist Leadership

María Esperanza Casullo


Chapter 4

Populism and contemporary global media: populist communication logics and the co-construction of transnational identities

Precious N. Chatterje-Doody and Rhys Crilley


PART II: Populism and Foreign Policy


Chapter 5

Sedimented Practices and American Identity in Donald J. Trump's Election Campaign

Dirk Nabers and Frank A. Stengel


Chapter 6

The Populist Radical Right Goes Canadian: An Analysis of Kellie Leitch's Failed 2016-2017 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Campaign

Brian Budd


Chapter 7

Populists and Foreign Policy: Evidence from Latin America

Grant Burrier


Chapter 8

Making (Latin) America Great Again:  Lessons from Populist Foreign Policies in the Americas

Daniel Wajner


Chapter 9

"Between Populism and Pluralism: Winston Peters and the International Relations of New Zealand First"

David B. MacDonald


Chapter 10

Conceptualizing the Links between Populism, Nationalism and Foreign Policy: How Modi Constructed a Nationalist, Anti-establishment Electoral Coalition in India

Thorsten Wojczewski


PART III: Populism and International Politics


Chapter 11

The Liberal International Order and its Populist Adversaries in Russia, UK and USA

Robert G. Patman


Chapter 12

The global rise of populism as a socio-material phenomenon: a material-discursive entanglements in the construction of genetically modified organisms in the European Union

Shane Markowitz


Chapter 13

Populism and Trade: The 2016 US Presidential Election and the Death of the Trans-Pacific Partnershi

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