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Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century: Ascent and Transformation

Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century: Ascent and Transformation

Wydawnictwo Springer, Berlin
Data wydania
Liczba stron 243
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Język angielski
ISBN 9783030925963
Kategorie Ekonomia rozwoju
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"Hidden Champions" are medium-sized, unknown companies with annual revenues under $5 billion that have quietly, under the radar, become world market leaders in their respective industries. In this new instalment to his worldwide bestselling Hidden Champions volumes, Hermann Simon takes readers on in-depth exploration of the ever changing operating conditions and the greater uncertainty and volatility that defines the global business sphere over the next ten years. In particular, in this book he focuses on China's continued impact on the business world since its rise in the global business and economic sphere over recent decades. In this regard, Dr. Simon shows the reader how the current status evolved, and then offers concrete and actionable recommendations. New driving forces such as digitalization, business ecosystems and sustainability receive special attention. While the main focus is on companies in German-speaking countries as they comprise 56 percent of the world's Hidden Champions, the success factors mentioned in this book can be applied globally to mid-sized companies in other regions as they strive to become global market leaders.

Whether a company is a "Hidden Champion", aspires to be one, or wants to emulate their success model, Dr. Simon's new book provides essential food for thought as executives and managers chart their course into the future.

Hidden Champions in the Chinese Century: Ascent and Transformation

Spis treści

Part I: The Concept and its Reception.- Chapter 1. A Brief History of the Hidden Champions.- Chapter 2. Hidden Champions and Export Success.- Chapter 3. Hidden Champions: The Definition. Chapter 4. Why Are There Hidden Champions?.- Chapter 5. Reception of the Hidden Champions Concept.- Part II: The Ascent of the Hidden Champions.- Chapter 6. Hidden Champions Worldwide.- Chapter 7. German Hidden Champions.- Chapter 8. Austrian and Swiss Hidden Champions.- Chapter 9. Decades of Ascent.- Chapter 10. Why Are There so Many Hidden Champions in Germany?.- Part III: The New Game of Globalization.- Chapter 11. On Rough Roads to Globalia.- Chapter 12. Quo Vadis Globalia? Population and Economy.- Chapter 13. Quo Vadis Globalia? Dynamic Framework.- Chapter 14. Target Market America.- Chapter 15. Target Market China.- Part IV: The New Game of Transformative Forces.- Chapter 16. Business Ecosystems.- Chapter 17. Digitalization.- Chapter 18. Sustainability.- Chapter 19. Innovation.- Part V: The New Game of Strategy.- Chapter 20. Ambition.- Chapter 21. Focus.- Chapter 22. Depth.- Chapter 23. Customers.- Chapter 24. Competition.- Chapter 25. Organization.- Chapter 26. Profit and Finance.- Chapter 27. Employees and Leaders.- Chapter 28. The Future of the Hidden Champions.   

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