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Bangladesh I: Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing Countries

Bangladesh I: Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing Countries

Wydawnictwo Springer, Berlin
Data wydania
Liczba stron 221
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Język angielski
ISBN 9783319263557
Kategorie Środowisko
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Opis książki

The aim of this book is to provide information to scientists and local government to help them better understand the particularities of the local climate. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to society. It can lead to serious impacts on production, life and environment on a global scale. Higher temperatures and sea level rise will cause flooding and water salinity problems which bring about negative effects on agriculture and high risks to industry and socio-economic systems in the future. Climate change leads to many changes in global development and security, especially energy, water, food, society, job, diplomacy, culture, economy and trade. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines climate change as: "Any change in climate over time, whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity." Global climate change has emerged as a key issue in both political and economic arenas. It is an increasingly questioned phenomenon, and progressive national governments around the world have started taking action to respond to these environmental concerns.

Bangladesh I: Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing Countries

Spis treści

Chapter 1. Climate change impact Measures from global to regional scale: Bangladesh (Md Nazrul Islam).- Chapter 2. Climate of Bangladesh: temperature and rainfall changes, and impact on agriculture and groundwater - A GIS based analysis (Md Rejaur Rahman).- Chapter 3. Vulnerability of aquaculture-based fish production system to the impacts of climate change: insights from inland waters of Bangladesh (Md Sirajul Islam).- Chapter 4. Environmental migrants in Bangladesh: a case study on climatic change hazards in the southwest coastal area (Md Moniruzzaman).- Chapter 5. Risks and adaptation strategies to climate change: a community based assessment study in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh (Salma Mamtaz).- Chapter 6. Climate change impacts on the coastal zones of Bangladesh: perspective on tropical cyclones, sea level rise and social vulnerability (Edris Alam).- Chapter 7. Climate variability impacts on agricultural landuse dynamics in Madhupur Tract in Bangladesh (Towfiqul Islam Khan).- Chapter 8. Detection of climate change impact on Hakaluki Haor (wetland) in Bangladesh by using remote sensing and GiS (Muhammad Rezaul Rakib).

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