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High-Energy-Density Physics: Foundation of Inertial Fusion and Experimental Astrophysics

High-Energy-Density Physics: Foundation of Inertial Fusion and Experimental Astrophysics

Wydawnictwo Springer International Publishing AG
Data wydania 12/01/2018
Wydanie Drugie
Liczba stron 658
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9783319677101
Kategorie Fizyka plazmowa, Astrofizyka, Technologia energii i inżynieria, Technologia laserowa i holografia
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Opis książki

The raw numbers of high-energy-density physics are amazing: shock waves at hundreds of km/s (approaching a million km per hour), temperatures of millions of degrees, and pressures that exceed 100 million atmospheres. This title surveys the production of high-energy-density conditions, the fundamental plasma and hydrodynamic models that can describe them and the problem of scaling from the laboratory to the cosmos. Connections to astrophysics are discussed throughout. The book is intended to support coursework in high-energy-density physics, to meet the needs of new researchers in this field, and also to serve as a useful reference on the fundamentals. Specifically the book has been designed to enable academics in physics, astrophysics, applied physics and engineering departments to provide in a single-course, an introduction to fluid mechanics and radiative transfer, with dramatic applications in the field of high-energy-density systems. This second edition includes pedagogic improvements to the presentation throughout and additional material on equations of state, heat waves, and ionization fronts, as well as problem sets accompanied by solutions.

High-Energy-Density Physics: Foundation of Inertial Fusion and Experimental Astrophysics

Spis treści

Introduction to High-Energy-Density Physics.- Descriptions of Fluids and Plasmas.- Properties of High-Energy-Density Plasmas.- Shocks and Rarefactions.- Hydrodynamic Instabilities.- Radiative Transfer.- Radiation Hydrodynamics.- Creating High-Energy-Density Conditions.- Inertial Confinement Fusion.- Experimental Astrophysics.- Relativistic High-Energy-Density Systems.- Appendix A: Constants, Acronyms, and Standard Variables.- Appendix B: Sample Mathematica Code.- Appendix C: List of the Homework Problems and Solutions to Selected Problems.

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