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Pathology of the Placenta

Pathology of the Placenta

Wydawnictwo Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Data wydania 01/01/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 395
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9783319972138
Kategorie Epidemiologia i statystyka medyczna, Medycyna matki i płodu, Neonatologia, Patologia
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Opis książki

This book provides a comprehensive resource on the pathology of the human singleton placenta. Agreed nomenclature, nosology, definitions and, where possible, thresholds for meaningful clinical corrections for lesions ideal for practical application in clinical practice are presented. Evidence is also featured on relevant potential clinical correlations to aid the reader in deciding upon the most appropriate management strategy. Areas of current uncertainty are also covered for potential future research. Pathology of the Placenta systematically describes placental pathology, and represents a valuable resource for practising and trainee pathologists, obstetricians, neonatologists and epidemiologists.

Pathology of the Placenta

Spis treści

Section 1. Background

Chapter 1. Introduction. An approach to placental pathology

Chapter 2. Placental Development with Expected Normal Gross and Microscopic Findings

Chapter 3. Indications for examining the placenta

Section 2. Gross examination

Chapter 4. Gross examination

Chapter 5. Placental Weight, Shape, and Gross Vascular Morphology

Section 3. Placental disc: Macroscopically Visible Lesions

Chapter 6. Infarction

Chapter 7. Intervillous thrombosis

Chapter 8. Massive perivillous fibrin deposition, maternal floor infarct

Chapter 9. Retroplacental haemorrhage, marginal haemorrhage

Chapter 10. Fetal Vascular Thrombosis

Chapter 11. Extravillous trophoblast cyst

Section 4. Placental disc: Microscopic Lesions

Chapter 12. Acute Chorioamnionitis

Chapter 13. Chorionic plate chronic inflammatory lesions including eosinophilic/T-cell chorionic vasculitis

Chapter 14. Maturity anomalies

Chapter 15. Distal villous hypoplasia

Chapter 16. Placental mesenchymal dysplasia

Chapter 17. Increased syncytial knot formation

Chapter 18. Persistence of cytotrophoblast

Chapter 19. Mineralization of trophoblast basement membrane

Chapter 20. Trophoblast and stroma: vacuolation - inherited disorder of metabolism

Chapter 21. Villous oedema

Chapter 22. Extramedullary haemopoiesis

Chapter 23. Intravillous haemorrhage

Chapter 24. Hypervascularity

Chapter 25. Fetal vascular malperfusion

Chapter 26. Presence of nucleated red blood cells

Chapter 27. Fetal vessels: malignancy

Chapter 28. Acute villitis

Chapter 29. Chronic villitis

Chapter 30. Chronic histiocytic intervillositis

Chapter 31. Intervillous space: infiltrates

Chapter 32. Pregnancy-induced uterine vascular remodelling and the pathophysiology of decidual vasculopathy

Chapter 33. Chronic deciduitis

Chapter 34. Basal plate myometrial fibres

Chapter 35. Basal plate laminar necrosis

Chapter 36. Retroplacental Haematoma/Haemorrhage (RPH)

Chapter 37. Miscellaneous Lesions of the Villous Parenchyma

Section 5. Amniochorial membranes: Macroscopically Visible Lesions

Chapter 38. Amniochorial membrane nodules

Chapter 39. Placental changes in amniotic band sequence, extra-amniotic and extramembranous pregnancy

Section 6. Amniochorial membranes: Microscopic Lesions

Chapter 40. Amnion Transport: Histologic Features

Chapter 41. Choriodecidual haemosiderin staining

Chapter 42. Laminar necrosis; membrane chorionic microcysts and chorion nodosum

Chapter 43. Decidual Vasculopathy

Chapter 44. Acute inflammation

Chapter 45. Chronic inflammation

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