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Advances Of Accelerator Physics And Technologies

Advances Of Accelerator Physics And Technologies

Wydawnictwo World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Data wydania 01/03/1993
Liczba stron 780
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9789810209575
Kategorie Fizyka atomowa i molekularna, Fizyka struktur nuklearnych, Cząsteczki i fizyka wysokich energii
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This volume, consisting of articles written by experts with international repute and long experience, reviews the state of the art of accelerator physics and technologies and the use of accelerators in research, industry and medicine. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic problems concerning the performance of circular and linear accelerators to technical issues and related fields. Also discussed are recent achievements that are of particular interest (such as RF quadrupole acceleration, ion sources and storage rings) and new technologies (such as superconductivity for magnets and RF cavities).The book will interest not only researchers and engineers in the field of accelerator development but also users of accelerators in research and industry. Moreover, teachers giving courses on accelerators and their applications will profit by learning about the most recent achievements and future possibilities.

Advances Of Accelerator Physics And Technologies

Spis treści

Part 1 Introduction: what we can learn from experiments with accelerators and storage rings, C. Jarlskog. Part 2 Circular accelerators and storage rings: beam optics and lattice design, P. Bryant; collective phenomena and instabilities, J. Gareyte; acceleration and storage of heavy ions, Ozaki; bottom- and charm-tau factories, Y. Baconnier. Part 3 Linear accelerators: general aspects of linear accelerators, P. Lapostolle; RF quadrupoles as accelerators, A. Schempp; results from the Stanford linear collider and plans for the final focus test beam facility, J. Seeman; the road to TeV electron-positron colliders, Y. Kimura. Part 4 New methods and technologies: SC magnets, G. Brianti; SC cavities, H. Lengeler; beam cooling, D. Moehl; acceleration of polarized particles, J. Buon; ion sources, H. Haseroth and H. Hora; a good idea at the time, B. Montague; new methods of Geodesy, J. Gervais. Part 5 Applications: synchrotron radiation sources, S. Tazzari; spallation neutron sources, J.L. Finey; inertial fusion by heavy ions, R. Bock; accelerators in medicine, P. Mandrillon; industrial applications of accelerators, K. Bethge.

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