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The Essentials of Power System Dynamics and Control

The Essentials of Power System Dynamics and Control

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Data wydania 01/05/2018
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Liczba stron 222
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Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9789811089138
Kategorie Pomiary i systemy miar, Sieci energetyczne, systemy, stacje i elektrownie, Technologia źródła energii alternatywnej i odnawialnej, Inżynieria automatyki
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This book presents a general framework for modelling power system devices to develop complete electromechanical models for synchronous machines, induction machines, and power electronic devices. It also presents linear system analysis tools that are specific to power systems and which are not generally taught in undergraduate linear system courses. Lastly, the book covers the application of the models, analysis and tools to the design of automatic voltage controllers and power system stabilisers, both for single-machine-infinite-bus systems and multi-machine interconnected systems. In most textbooks modelling, dynamic analysis, and control are closely linked to the computation methods used for analysis and design. In contrast, this book separates the essential principles and the computational methods used for power system dynamics and control. The clear distinction between principles and methods makes the potentially daunting task of designing controllers for power systems much easier to approach. A rich set of exercises is also included, and represents an integral part of the book. Students can immediately apply-using any computational tool or software-the essential principles discussed here to practical problems, helping them master the essentials.

The Essentials of Power System Dynamics and Control

Spis treści

1 Introduction The dq0 Transformation

Device Models

Network Modelling

2 Synchronous Machines

The Model

Equations in Per Unit System

Steady-state Conditions

Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB)


Direct-axis Transient Inductance

Quadrature-axis Transient Inductance

Steady-state Output Power

Voltage behind Transient Inductance

Equivalence of two models

Power Transfer Curves

Simulation I


Simulation II

Simulation III

Three-phase Short-circuit Simulation

Equal-Area Criterion

Step Change in field voltage


Phasor to dq-Frame - Part I

Phasor to dq-Frame - Part II

Transmission line inductance

Terminal Voltage

Operational Impedance

Operational Impedance & Sub-transient Model

3 Induction Machines

The Model

Steady-state conditions


Steady-State Equivalent Circuit

Steady-State Output Power

Steady-State Torque vs Speed


fed Induction Machine - Steady-state

Voltage Behind Transient Inductance


Doubly-fed Induction Machine

Vector Control

Dynamic Equations with delta

Phasor to dq-Frame - Part I

Phasor to dq-Frame - Part II

4 Network Equations Power Systems

Machines as Active Loads

Submatrices in the Model Equations

Forming Z-matrices

Forming D-matrices

Network Equations Referred to Machine Internal Variables

5 Simulations

SMIB Simulation Plots

Induction Machine Simulation

Four-bus System


lab Scr

ipts Saturation

6 Linear Control: Analysis


Linear Differential Equations

First Order Differential Equations

Second Order Differential Equations

Simultaneous First Order Differential Equations

Second Order System Response

Modal Analysis

Eigenvalue Sensitivity

Participation Matrix

Frequency Response



Dominant Residue Method

Feedback and Residues


Linearisation by Perturbation

Synchronous Machine Linearisation

Single Machine Infinite Bus Equations (without AVR)

Single Machine Infinite Bus Equations (with AVR)


Synchronous Machine Damping Torque


p; Synch

ronising and Damping Torques

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