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Agronomic Crops: Volume 1: Production Technologies

Agronomic Crops: Volume 1: Production Technologies

Wydawnictwo Springer Verlag, Singapore
Data wydania 28/12/2020
Liczba stron 710
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9789813291539
Kategorie Fizjologia roślin, Nauka o glebach, Podtrzymanie środowiska naturalnego, Nauki rolnicze, Rolnictwo zrównoważone, Agronomia i uprawy roślinne
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Agronomic crops have been used to provide foods, beverages, fodders, fuels, medicines and industrial raw materials since the dawn of human civilization. Today, agronomic crops are being cultivated by employing scientific methods instead of traditional methods. However, in the current era of climate change, agronomic crops are subjected to various environmental stresses, which results in substantial yield loss. To meet the food demands of the ever-increasing global population, new technologies and management practices are being adopted to boost yield and maintain productivity under both normal and adverse conditions. Scientists are now exploring a variety of approaches to the sustainable production of agronomic crops, including varietal development, soil management, nutrient and water management, pest management, etc. Researchers have also made remarkable progress in developing stress tolerance in crops through different approaches. However, achieving optimal production to meet the increasing food demand is an open challenge. Although there have been numerous publications on the above-mentioned problems, and despite the extensive research being conducted on them, there is hardly any comprehensive book available. In response, this book offers a timely resource, addressing all aspects of production technologies, management practices and stress tolerance in agronomic crops in a single volume.

Agronomic Crops: Volume 1: Production Technologies

Spis treści

Agronomic Crops: Types and Uses.- Climate Resilient Minor Crops for Food Security.- Climatic Variability and Agronomic Cropping Pattern.- Soil Health in Cropping Systems: An Overview.- Agronomic Cropping Systems in relation to Climatic Variability. -Growth and Development Dynamics in Agronomic Crops under Environmental Stress.- Tillage and Crop Production.- Effect of Planting Dates on Agronomic Crop Production.- Crop production under changing climate - Past, Present and Future.- Cultivation of Aromatic Rice: A review.- Direct Seeding in Rice: Problems and Prospects.- Advanced Production Technologies of Wheat.- Advanced Production Technologies of Maize.- Agrotechnologies of Baby Corn Production.- Advanced Production Technologies of Millets.- Advanced Production Technologies of Legumes Crops.- Advanced Production Technologies of Oilseed Crops.- Advanced Production Technology of Sugar Crops.- Advanced Production Technologies of Potato.- Advanced Production Technology and Processing of Jute.- Tea production in Bangladesh: From bush to mug.- Tea: a worthwhile, popular beverage crop since time immemorial.- Agronomy of Betelvine Crop.- Fundamentals of Crop Rotation in Agronomic Management.- Cool Season Food Legumes in Rice Fallows: An Indian Perspective.- Crop Diversification and Food Security.- Fundamentals of Seed Production and Processing of Agronomic Crops.- Seed Production Technologies of some Major Field Crops.- Postharvest Technologies for Major Agronomic Crops.

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