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Mikrobiologia | Nowe tytuły | ASM Press
2019-03-08 - 2019-06-30


Sprawdź najnowsze tytuły od ASM Press.


“Finally! One spectacular volume provides us all we need to educate ourselves in the fascinating world of regulatory RNAs in bacteria and archaea. This volume is an eye-opening must read about one of microbiology’s most exciting emerging fields.”

-Bonnie Basler, Princeton University


“The Manual of Clinical Microbiology is the key resource for understanding what, why, and how in clinical microbiology. It is truly a must-have document for guiding current practice.”

Carol A. Rauch, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


“Transmission is becoming one of the key topics in medical and microbiological research and constitutes a cornerstone in the development of precision public health.”

Fernando Baquero and Teresa M.Coque, Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and Health Research Institute


“This book ideal for students who do not have a formal course in microbiology but want a rapid review of clinical virology in preparation for their board examinations.”

Peter H. Gilligan, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

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