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Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Wydawnictwo Allen William H. Bookseller
Data wydania 01/05/2021
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 352
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780753553602
Kategorie Biznes i zarządzanie, Psychologia popularna
61.00 PLN (z VAT)
$16.59 / €13.60 / £11.69 /
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Dostawa 14 dni
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New ways to think in unprecedented times. Named a "must read" by Susan Cain, "endlessly fascinating" by Daniel Pink, and "bursting with practical insights" by Adam Grant. In this accessible and practical book, Ozan Varol reveals nine simple strategies from rocket science that you can use to make your own giant leaps in work and life -- whether it's landing your dream job, accelerating your business, learning a new skill, or creating the next breakthrough product. Today, thinking like a rocket scientist is a necessity. We all encounter complex and unfamiliar problems in our lives. Those who can tackle these problems -- without clear guidelines and with the clock ticking -- enjoy an extraordinary advantage. Think Like a Rocket Scientist will inspire you to take your own moonshot and enable you to achieve lift-off. Not just an engrossing read--it's bursting with practical insights. Ozan Varol's dazzling debut might change how you approach problems. Houston, this book has solutions * Adam Grant, betselling author of ORIGINALS * Thinking like a rocket scientist is not rocket science! Packed with witty writing, insightful advice, and invigorating stories, this must-read book will change the way you see the world--and empower you to change the world itself * Susan Cain, New York Times-bestselling author of QUIET * When the stakes are high, the unknowns are threatening, and the problems seem insurmountable, you need a superhero - which means you need Ozan Varol. He'll show you how to master the cognitive skills of a rocket scientist. And by the time you finish reading his endlessly fascinating book, your thinking will be bigger, better, and bolder * Daniel H. Pink, betselling author of WHEN, DRIVE, and A WHOLE NEW MIND * You're smarter than you think. Ozan Varol makes a compelling case for each of us to level up and to contribute at a level we've talked ourselves out of * Seth Godin * The rocket scientists I know are among the biggest dreamers the world has ever seen. Ozan Varol has written a fascinating, practical, and mind-expanding book about how we can all benefit from thinking like a rocket scientist. This book will help you make your own seemingly crazy moonshot a reality * Julian Guthrie, New York Times-bestselling author of HOW TO MAKE A SPACESHIP and ALPHA GIRLS * Ozan Varol is like Nassim Taleb meets Daniel Kahneman * Clara Shih, Board Member of Starbucks; CEO of Hearsay Social * I love Ozan Varol. He's a brilliant mind, a warm and kind heart, and the exact type of spirit we need putting resilient vibes into

Think Like a Rocket Scientist

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