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Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units

Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units

Wydawnictwo Pearson Education
Data wydania 01/10/2017
Wydanie 14
Liczba stron 1248
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781292221229
Kategorie Chemia, Edukacja: chemia
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For courses in two-semester general chemistry. Accurate, data-driven authorship with expanded interactivity leads to greater student engagement Unrivaled problem sets, notable scientific accuracy and currency, and remarkable clarity have made Chemistry: The Central Science the leading general chemistry text for more than a decade. Trusted, innovative, and calibrated, the text increases conceptual understanding and leads to greater student success in general chemistry by building on the expertise of the dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning teachers. Pearson Mastering Chemistry is not included. Students, if Mastering is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. Mastering should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson rep for more information. Mastering is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to personalize learning and improve results. With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain tough course concepts.

Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units

Spis treści

1. Introduction: Matter, Energy, and Measurement

2. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

3. Chemical Reactions and Reaction Stoichiometry

4. Reactions in Aqueous Solution

5. Thermochemistry

6. Electronic Structure of Atoms

7. Periodic Properties of the Elements

8. Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding

9. Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories

10. Gases

11. Liquids and Intermolecular Forces

12. Solids and Modern Materials

13. Properties of Solutions

14. Chemical Kinetics

15. Chemical Equilibrium

16. Acid-Base Equilibria

17. Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria

18. Chemistry of the Environment

19. Chemical Thermodynamics

20. Electrochemistry

21. Nuclear Chemistry

22. Chemistry of the Nonmetals

23. Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry

24. The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry


Mathematical Operations

Properties of Water

Thermodynamic Quantities for Selected Substances at 298.15 K (25 C)

Aqueous Equilibrium Constants

Standard Reduction Potentials at 25 C

Answers to Selected Exercises

Answers to Give It Some Thought

Answers to Go Figure

Answer to Selected Practice Exercises


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