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Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

Wydawnictwo Karger
Data wydania 01/06/2020
Wydanie 10
Liczba stron 156
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Język angielski
ISBN 9783318065879
Kategorie Urologia i medycyna układu moczowo-płciowego
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This is the tenth edition of this Fast Facts handbook since the first was published in 1996 - the many iterations are testament to the rapid changes in the field and steadily improving outlook for patients. This new edition introduces the Gleason grade grouping (Chapter 1), which has important prognostic value, and nomograms that are used to evaluate risk (Chapter 3). Our understanding of the genetics and underlying pathogenesis of prostate cancer is growing apace, leading to the identification of germline mutations and the development of genomic tests to help identify and direct therapy for those at greatest risk of developing clinically significant disease. They also provide reassurance for those patients who have opted for active surveillance (Chapters 3 and 5). Imaging techniques are also improving rapidly, particularly multiparametric MRI (Chapter 4). As this book is concise, fully up to date and evidence based, we believe it is an ideal resource for those general urologists, primary care providers, specialist nurses, trainees and allied healthcare professionals who want to get quickly up to speed in this fast-moving and ever-expanding field. Contents: * Epidemiology and pathophysiology * Diet, lifestyle and chemoprevention * Screening and early detection * Diagnosis, staging and prognostic indicators * Management of clinically localized disease * Managing recurrence after initial therapy * Managing metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer * Management of castrate-resistant prostate cancer * Survivorship and management of treatment-related side effects and complications

Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

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