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God's Playground History of Poland v 2 1795 to Present Rev

God's Playground History of Poland v 2 1795 to Present Rev

Publisher Oxford University Press
Year 01/02/2005
Pages 616
Version paperback
Language English
ISBN 9780199253401
Categories Fiction & related items, European history
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Book description

This new edition of Norman Davies's classic study of the history of Poland has been revised and fully updated with two new chapters to bring the story to the end of the twentieth century. The writing of Polish history, like Poland itself, has frequently fallen prey to interested parties. Professor Norman Davies adopts a sceptical stance towards all existing interpretations and attempts to bring a strong dose of common sense to his theme. He presents the most comprehensive survey in English of this frequently maligned and usually misunderstood country. Review from previous edition Anyone who wants to understand what has happened in Poland must dig into Norman Davies's great opencast mine of Polish history...it is very accessible, strewn with vivid quotations from original sources, good ancedotes, and much verse... * Sunday Times * The magnificence of God's Playground is that Norman Davies has given us the music as well as the libretto, the passion, poetry, myth, and anecdote as well as the facts... Davies writes with spirit, and his enjoyment is infectious. * Observer * A yawning gap in Anglophone historical literature has now been filled...Dr Davies writes interestingly and well. His moods vary between cool detachement, passionate involvement, and ironic comment. His range of sources is wide and imaginative...a very substantial achievement. * Times Literary Supplement *

God's Playground History of Poland v 2 1795 to Present Rev

Table of contents

1. NAROD: THE GROWTH OF THE MODERN POLISH NATION (1722-1945) ; 2. Rossiya: The Russian Partition (1772-1918) ; 3. Preussen: The Prussian Partition ; 4. Galicia: The Austrian Partition (1772-1918) ; 5. Fabryka: The Process of Industrialisation ; 6. Lud: The Rise of the Common People ; 7. Kosciol: The Roman Catholic Church in Poland ; 8. Kultura: Education and Cultural Heritage ; 9. Zydzi: The Jewish Community ; 10. Wojsko: The Military Condition ; 11. Emigracja: The Polish Emigration ; 12. Varsovie: The Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1846) ; 13. Kongresowka: The Congress Kingdom (1815-1846) ; 14. Cracovia: The Republic of Cracow (1815-1846) ; 15. Wiosna: The Springtime of Other Nations (1848) ; 16. Reveries: The Thaw and the January Rising (1855-1864) ; 17. Rewolucja: Revolution and Reaction (1904-1914) ; 18. Feniks: The Rebirth of the Polish State (1914-1918) ; 19. Niepodleglosc: Twenty Years of Independence (1918-1939) ; 20. Golgota: Poland in the Second World War (1939-1945) ; 21. Granice: The Modern Polish Frontiers (1919-1945) ; 22. PARTIA: THE COMMUNIST MOVEMENT ; 23. Polska Ludowa: The Polish People's Republic ; Postscript

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