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About us

We are one of the largest distributors of foreign books, journals and databases in Poland.

We bring them from all over the world and take care of bringing them in time to you.

Our bookstores are located in 5 cities in Poland and the Ukraine: Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Poznań and Kiev. We realize orders for both individual and institutional Clients: universities, research institutions, research centers, corporations, bookshops, libraries and banks.

We have been developing our partnership with Pearson publishing for many years, having the satisfaction of our Customers in mind. Presently, we distribute its publications to 41 countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Nordic countries. 

We participate both in national book fairs and those outside our country (in the UK, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine). In addition, we organize exhibitions and workshops for our Clients, we participate in domestic and foreign scientific conferences.

Our mission is to provide the broadly understood expertise knowledge necessary to meet educational and business and self-development needs of our customers in the most convenient way for them.

Within more than 30 years of our company's activity we have become the market leader in the distribution of professional literature. We have achieved this thanks to:

    • Comprehensive, refined and updated offer that addresses a wide range of educational needs;
    • Qualified and professional co-workers;
    • Good organization of work;
    • Caring for extensive contacts with leading publishers of printed and electronic publications;
    • Proceeding in accordance with our values;
    • Submitting all over the good of our customers - caring for their development and competitiveness.
    We are guided by the following values:
        • Devotion - we make every effort to ensure that the work we do is full of passion and commitment;
        • Honesty - we take care to perform honestly the tasks entrusted to us, to be reliable and to meet the deadlines;
        • Respect - we respect our Customers and each other;
        • Knowledge - this is the value that we promote in all our actions;
        • Self-improvement - thanks to our actions we support clients who want to self-improve.
          Our goals are:
            • Providing and disseminating expertise,
            • Looking for new and effective solutions for our Clients,
            • Broadening the offer and continually updating it,
            • Caring for the highest quality of service.
            What we offer?



              • Scholarly publications in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, management and economics, law, mathematics, computer science and statistics, technology, engineering and agriculture (biochemical engineering, materials engineering), architecture and art, humanities (archeology, history, philosophy).
              • Monographs,
              • electronic journals,
              • E-books.

              Academic staff:

                Students (both medical and other)::


                    • Textbooks,
                    • Fiction,
                    • School reading,
                    • dictionaries,
                    • E-books.

                    Children and youth (from infancy to adolescence):

                          • Foreign-language educational books that will help you: get to know the surrounding world, practice drawing, writing and counting, expand your knowledge of children's hobbies,
                          • Fairy tales,
                          • The series of adventure books,
                          • Illustrated dictionaries for learning foreign languages,
                          • Poetry,
                          • Guides - how to organize free time in fun and interesting way.


                            • Fiction,
                            • Guides,
                            • Guides,
                            • E-books.

                              INSTITUTIONAL CLIENTS:

                              Universities, research institutes, research centers:


                                  Bookshops, libraries:

                                    We also publish our own books under the ABE Dom Wydawniczy brand.

                                    Over thirty years of experience:.

                                    Companies ABE and IPS were established in 1990. In 2011, they started working together to create a single ABE-IPS brand.
                                    Since March 2021, ABE-IPS Sp. z o.o. decided to continue the current areas of core business by two independent companies, ABE Holding Sp. z o.o. (formerly: ABE Holding S.A.) in the field of online journals and databases and ABE Books sp. z o.o. for the supply of printed and electronic books. Such a division will allow us to strengthen the professional fulfillment of orders and provide broadly understood literature in accordance with your expectations.


                                    Strony www Białystok Warszawa
                                    801 777 223