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Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 01/02/2021
Edition First
Pages 452
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781108452908
Categories Biomedical engineering, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Materials science
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Book description

Connecting theory with real-life applications, this is the first ever textbook to equip students with a comprehensive knowledge of all the key concepts in bionanotechnology. By bridging the interdisciplinary gap from which bionanotechnology emerged, it provides a systematic introduction to the subject, accessible to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Topics range from nanomaterial preparation, properties and biofunctionalisation, and analytical methods used in bionanotechnology, to bioinspired and DNA nanotechnology, and applications in biosensing, medicine and tissue engineering. Throughout the book, features such as 'Back to basics' and 'Research report' boxes enable students to build a strong theoretical knowledge and to link this to practical applications and up-to-date research. With over 200 detailed, full-colour illustrations and more than 100 end-of-chapter problems, this is an essential guide to bionanotechnology for any student studying this exciting, fast-developing and interdisciplinary field. 'An excellent textbook for the interdisciplinary field of bionanotechnology. It is comprehensive and accessible to students from a wide variety of scientific backgrounds. The 'Back to Basics' boxes build a common knowledge base, while the 'Research Reports' boxes connect the fundamentals to current research.' Professor George Malliaras, University of Cambridge 'Fruk and Krebs provide a well-written and readily accessible text on the emerging topic of Bionanotechnology, elegantly show-casing its trans-disciplinary nature and application impacts. The book's vibrant composition integrating worked examples and solutions fused with highlight applications in the form of research reports, makes it equally attractive for experienced researchers as well as newcomers to the field, including undergraduate students. The key concept sections only increase the well-rounded nature of the book, which is perhaps the most current up-date summary on the market. Mandatory reading - highly recommended.' Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Queensland University of Technology 'A really innovative feature of this textbook for advanced undergraduates or graduate students is the inclusion of numerous 'Research Reports' - synopses of recent research publications that quickly introduce both the potential of and the chemical underpinnings enabling the bionanotechnologies surveyed. The breadth of topics and principles covered, including the many 'Back to Basics' mini-introductions will make this a popular textbook for classes co


Table of contents

Preface; 1. Introduction to bionanotechnology; 2. Nanomaterials: principles and properties; 3. Nanomaterials: classes and preparation strategies; 4. Biomolecules and scales of biological systems; 5. (Bio)functionalisation of nanomaterials; 6. Analytical methods in bionanotechnology; 7. DNA nanotechnology; 8. Bioinspired nanotechnology; 9. Nanomedicine: biotechnology in medicine; Index.

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