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The Founder's Notes

The Founder's Notes

Publisher LID Publishing
Year 01/03/2020
Edition First
Pages 302
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781912555680
Categories Entrepreneurship, International business
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Book description

Ji Qi is one of contemporary China's most successful and imaginative entrepreneurs, who has taken three companies to the 10 billion dollar level in a little over a decade, which is unprecedented in the entreprenuerial world. Rather than knowing how to generate wealth and to lead a company, Ji Qi believes the metaphysical is more important: "Knowledge affects action, the metaphysical determines the physical." This unique book represents the inner journey taken by the author as an entrepreneur - his thoughts and reflections on the meaning of life, work and success. As well as offering a unique perspective on succeeding in the Chinese market, this book provides original insights on Chinese philosophy and weaving that into management and being an entrepreneur in today's world.

The Founder's Notes

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