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Liquid Spray from Nozzles

Liquid Spray from Nozzles

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/01/2019
Edition First
Pages 194
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783030124458
Categories Fluid mechanics, Industrial chemistry, Engineering thermodynamics, Mechanics of fluids
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Book description

__This book advances a new view of phenomena associated with the spray of liquids from a nozzle in a gas. New results of experimental studies and numerical simulation of the hydrodynamics of an emerging two-phase flow and accompanying interphase heat and mass transfer therein are presented. The book is ideal for specialists who develop and use technologies involving the spraying of liquids in a gas, such as burning and pyrolysis of liquid hydrocarbons, granulation and drying of polymers, and dust and gas scrubbing.

Liquid Spray from Nozzles

Table of contents

Experimental study of a two-phase flow generated by spraying water in the air with an injector.- Analysis of the results of the experiment, conclusions about the features of the hydrodynamics of a two-phase flow produced by spraying a liquid with an injector.- The crisis of droplet resistance in the turbulent two-phase flow of the spraying torch of a mechanical injector with transient Reynolds numbers.- Experimental confirmation of the early crisis of resistance on a single ball.- Influence of the geometry and turbulence of the gas flow on the hydrodynamic resistance of a streamlined body.- Calculation of the resistance and heat transfer of a ball to a flowing gas in a cylindrical channel.- Calculation of the resistance and heat transfer of a ball in laminar and strongly turbulent gas flows.- Simulation and calculation of a two-phase flow produced by the liquid spray nozzle taking into account the droplets resistance crisis.- Simulation and calculation of the heat transfer in a two-phase flow produced by the liquid spray nozzle.

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