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Pediatric Critical Care: Current Controversies

Pediatric Critical Care: Current Controversies

Publisher Springer International Publishing AG
Year 31/01/2019
Pages 350
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9783319964980
Categories Paediatric medicine, Intensive care medicine, Intensive care nursing, Paediatric nursing
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Book description

This volume provides an overview of the most important current controversies in the field of pediatric intensive care. Organized into sections based on organ systems, the text focuses on controversies surrounding disease processes of the cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, hematologic / immunologic, endocrine, and neurologic systems. Each chapter reviews the pros and cons of specific management approaches through case studies and the most up-to-date evidence-based resources, and concludes with bulleted take-home points for ease of use. Written by experts in the field, Pediatric Critical Care: Current Controversies is a valuable resource for intensivists, advanced practice providers, nurses, and other health care providers involved in the care of critically-ill children.

Pediatric Critical Care: Current Controversies

Table of contents

I. Respiratory Controversies
1. Ventilator Management for Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeTravis P. Vesel, Ira M. Cheifetz
2. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Acute Pediatric Respiratory FailureMatthew Friedman, Michael Hobson
3. Weaning and Extubation Readiness Assessment in Pediatric PatientsSamer Abu-Sultaneh, Christopher W. Mastropietro
4. Medical Management of Status Asthmaticus Michelle Olson, Federico Nievas, Kanwaljeet Anand
II. Cardiovascular Controversies
5. Medical Management of Acute Fulminant MyocarditisFabio Savorgnan, Paul A. Checchia
6. Pediatric Cardiac Transplantation and Mechanical Assist DevicesJuan M. Lehoux, Kimberly D. Beddows, Jacqueline M. Lamour
7. Surgical Management of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Peter Sassalos, Richard G. Ohye
III. Gastrointestinal Controversies
8. Nutritional Support in the Pediatric ICUKimberly I. Mills, Nilesh M. Mehta
9. Medical Management of Acute Liver FailureHeli Bhatt, Girish S. Rao
IV. Renal Controversies
10. Diagnosis and Management of Acute Kidney Injury in Critical IllnessTennille N. Webb, Rajit Basu, David Askenazi
11. Management of Fluid Overload in the Pediatric ICUGrace L. Ker, Sandeep Gangadharan
V. Hematologic Controversies
12. Management of Cardiopulmonary-bypass Associated Coagulopathy Rania K. Abbasi, Anne E. Cossu, Scott G. Walker
13. Anticoagulation and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Danny Eytan, Gail Annich
VI. Immunologic Controversies
14. Secondary Hemophagocytic Lympho Histiocytosis, Macrophage Activation Syndrome, Hyperferritinemic Sepsis-Induced Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in the Pediatric ICUJoseph A. Carcillo, Bita Shakoory, Leticia Castillo
15. Diagnosis and Management of Fungal Infections in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitChristine L. Joyce, Christine M. Salvatore, James S. Killinger
VII. Endocrinologic Controversies
16 Corticosteroid Therapy for Septic Shock and Pediatric ARDSLauren Jacobs, Hector Wong, Kusum Menon
17 Management of Diabetic KetoacidosisLaura Kitzmiller, Courtney Frye, Jeff Clark
VIII. Neurologic Controversies
18 Optimizing Sedation in the Pediatric ICURita V. Alvarez, Chani Traube
19 Diagnosis of Brain Death and Organ Donation after Circulatory Death Anthony A. Sochet, Alexandra K. Glazier, Thomas A. Nakagawa
20 Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Pediatric ICUJessica S. Wallisch, Ericka L. Fink

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