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Atomic Scale Dynamics at Surfaces

Atomic Scale Dynamics at Surfaces

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/01/2019
Edition First
Pages 625
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783662564417
Categories Condensed matter physics (liquid state & solid state physics), Atomic & molecular physics, Physical chemistry, Materials science
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Book description

Experimental advances in helium atom scattering spectroscopy over the last forty years have allowed the measurement of surface phonon dispersion curves of more than 200 different crystal surfaces and overlayers of insulators, semiconductors and metals. The first part of the book presents, at a tutorial level, the fundamental concepts and methods in surface lattice dynamics, and the theory of atom-surface interaction and inelastic scattering in their various approximations, up to the recent electron-phonon theory of helium atom scattering from conducting surfaces. The second part of the book, after introducing the experimentalist to He-atom spectrometers and the rich phenomenology of helium atom scattering from corrugated surfaces, illustrates the most significant experimental results on the surface phonon dispersion curves of various classes of insulators, semiconductors, metals, layered crystals, topological insulators, complex surfaces, adsorbates, ultra-thin films and clusters. The great potential of helium atom scattering for the study of atomic scale diffusion, THz surface collective excitations, including acoustic surface plasmons, and the future prospects of helium atom scattering are presented in the concluding chapters. The book will be valuable reading for all researchers and graduate students interested in dynamical processes at surfaces.

Atomic Scale Dynamics at Surfaces

Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgments List of Acronyms Notations Index 1.Introduction 2. Historical Survey 3.The Theory of Surface Phonons 4. Surface Forces and Structures from the Dispersion of Surface Phonons 5.Theoretical Methods of Surface Dynamics 6.The Atom-Surface Potential 7.Theory of Atom-Surface Phonon Scattering: 8.Theory of Atom-Surface Phonon Scattering: 9. Experimental Methods 10.Intensities and Resolution of HAS Experiments 11.Experimental Results 12.Vibrations of Adsorbates and Thin Films 13.New Horizons References Appendix A: Tabulation of Theoretical Studies of Surface Phonons Appendix B: Tabulation of Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Surface Phonons of Clean Surfaces in Insulators, Semiconductors, Metals and Layered Crystals Appendix C: Tabulation of Experimental Phonon Studies of Ultra-Thin Films Appendix D: Tabulation of Experimental Surface Debye Temperatures Compared to Bulk Debye and Melting Temperature Subject Index

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