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Wolters Kluwer Health launches Ovid Insights
Wolters Kluwer Health has announced the launch of Ovid Insights, a current awareness service that provides healthcare professionals with clinically-relevant journal article recommendations filtered to their specific area of practice. Available on any device, this free service delivers content from the most authoritative medical journals used to inform evidence-based decisions on healthcare research, patient care and outcomes.

With Ovid Insights, clinicians and medical researchers can scan specialty dashboards or create personalised email digests that filter the latest research from over 300 clinically-relevant topics, allowing them to skim top-quality articles that are related to their practice or field of interest. Ovid Insights reduces time spent searching for the latest, most relevant journal articles by providing intelligent content recommendations which leverage Altmetric and the McMaster PLUS data to ensure the most newsworthy and targeted evidence-based research is delivered to the user.

According to a Wolters Kluwer survey, more than 900 clinicians worldwide indicated that over 70% of their time is spent engaged in current-awareness activities such as searching for the right full text articles to read. Ovid Insights helps to simplify this process by providing quick access to the study abstract and links to full-text articles via institutional access to a journal website or the Ovid platform.

Created in partnership with Northern Light, which provides strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology, Ovid Insights is available now in beta.
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