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Springer Nature Joins PubHive document delivery service

PubHive Ltd. has announced an agreement with Springer Nature to make Springer Nature journal articles available via PubHive’s new document delivery service that will launch in the coming months. The agreement will enable PubHive to better serve its growing base of life science corporate customers by providing direct purchasing, fulfillment, copyright royalty payment services, and subscription-related resources for Springer Nature content that is purchased via PubHive Navigator, the company’s cloud-based workflow automation platform.

PubHive Ltd. is a cloud-based software company with a mission to make healthier literature and scientific information pathways for life science companies across all stages of the commercialization lifecycle – from discovery to post-market. PubHive Navigator™, the company’s scientific workflow management software platform, optimizes existing business processes and automates repetitive work for life science companies.


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