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JSTOR’s Text Analyzer wins People’s Choice Award at SSP Previews Session
JSTOR has been awarded the first-ever People's Choice Award for their Text Analyzer product during the SSP Previews Session, New and Noteworthy Product Presentations.

JSTOR's Text Analyzer is a new way to conduct academic research created by JSTOR Labs, an innovation team building experimental tools for researchers and teachers. JSTOR Labs Director, Alex Humphreys demonstrated how Text Analyzer works by following the stories of Amy and Amir, two stick-figure researchers, in the light-hearted, lightning-round presentation. With Text Analyzer, researchers can search for content on JSTOR (a digital library with more than 2,000 academic journals and 50,000 books spanning hundreds of years) just by uploading a document. This can be anything: a manuscript, an outline of a work in progress, an article that has been downloaded, even a picture of a page of a textbook. Uploaded documents are not stored.

The tool analyses the text within the document to determine what it is about, and then uses the topics it deems most important - the 'prioritised terms' - to find similar content in JSTOR.

The user can then review the results and download any articles they are interested in. The results can be refined by adding, removing or adjusting the importance of the prioritised terms.

Text Analyzer supports fifteen languages including: English, Arabic, (simplified) Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Users uploading a document in, for example, Korean, will see relevant material in English. It is compatible with mobile devices by using the device's camera as a document scanner. There is also an API available to beta partners interested in programmatic access.

The SSP Previews Session has been a mainstay at the SSP Annual Meeting for a number of years. Originally it was a concurrent session but after several years of standing room only attendance, the session was offered as a plenary on Friday morning to allow for maximum attendance.

JSTOR Labs received an engraved People's Choice award in recognition of their product innovation.

Other presenting organisations this year included: Atypon, Delta Think, The MIT Press, Association of American Medical Colleges, Quark Intelligent Systems Inc., Digital Science, Edanz Group, PaperHive, sci.AI, eLife & Hypothesis, Kudos, and Copyright Clearance Center.

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