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Thieme launches new MedOne Education platform, provides online learning, teaching, and research resource for institution
Medical and scientific publisher Thieme has announced the launch of its new MedOne Education platform, the latest interactive, state-of-the-art resource in the Thieme portfolio.

MedOne Education grants access to a collection of up-to-date 95 fully downloadable medical textbooks from Thieme's Color Atlases and Flexibook series. The new online platform replaces the Thieme E-Book Library, and features a wealth of expert information, concise instructional text, and stunning visuals: The textbooks cover full-colour anatomy, basic science, clinical sciences, and radiology.

Institutions can choose to additionally license access to Thieme's entire Anatomy collection including the 'Atlas of Anatomy' by Anne Gilroy. The opportunity to browse or peruse a diverse array of medical texts, images and videos makes MedOne Education a one-stop study companion throughout medical school for students and instructors alike. The institutional license provides a dynamic platform for continual learning, granting 24/7 availability to every student, instructor, researcher, and clinician affiliated with the institution. An individual access can be set up using a department license to make use of all the customisable features.

Users can explore Thieme's web-based compendium of medical textbooks and customize the experience with versatile viewing modes. They can easily expand images, watch videos, write notes, or leave the screen behind to download and print chapters. New e-books are frequently added to ensure content is up-to-date.

The MedOne App, available for Android or Apple devices, allows individuals to browse books online, download content for offline reading, and watch videos on the go. With its responsive design and automatic screen adaptation, users can transition between computers, tablets, and smartphones to access content.

Additionally, images and videos from all the textbooks in the MedOne Education platform are accessible. This means users can quickly find and compare images in their browser or download images directly to a PDF or PowerPoint file to enhance presentations. Legends and links referring back to sources facilitate inclusion of appropriate citations.

The [email protected] feature provides access to all the content in MedOne, at home or on the go. An internet connection is the only requirement to view content, create notes, and highlight text. The auto-syncing feature in individual accounts stores recently viewed content and bookmarks.

Users can also create their own customised content sets and collections from MedOne Education resources, external links or personal files. Playlists can be kept private or shared with others within an institution or beyond.

MedOne's intuitive search engine makes it easy to narrow searches. Users can filter out irrelevant information and focus on the most salient content for their needs.

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