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Science of Synthesis 4.12 now live, new release includes reference volume Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis
The latest release of Thieme's knowledge base for synthetic methodology is adding more than 1,000 pages of new content, including the new reference library volume Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis, edited by T. F. Jamison and G. Koch. With Science of Synthesis 4.12, synthetic chemists today are provided with up-to-date and complete information.

The latest addition to the reference library, Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis, edited by T. F. Jamison and G. Koch, introduces the principles and potential of flow chemistry for synthetic chemical reactions. The authors of the volume - pioneers in both the practical and conceptual aspects of flow chemistry - aim to make this potential available to a wider audience. Far more than just the adaptation of batch processes to flow systems, flow chemistry offers a paradigm shift in chemical synthesis: continuous flow holds the power to access new reaction types and chemistry space. The volume examines principles of reactor design and automation, as well as separations and purifications in flow systems. It discusses the application of flow to photochemistry, electrochemistry, gaseous systems, using immobilised reagents and catalysts, and in multistep processes. In addition to covering syntheses of peptides, carbohydrates, and pharmaceuticals, the work includes several chapters on the use of flow in an industrial context. Flow Chemistry in Organic Synthesis comprises a total of approx. 590 pages.

Among the highlights of the latest Knowledge Update is the major revision of the chapter on benzo[c]furans or isobenzofurans by H. Kwiecień. While these compounds are highly reactive and can normally only be isolated after trapping, for example by Diels-Alder reaction with dienophiles, 1,3-diarylbenzo[c]furans and 1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran-1(3H)-ones (phthalides) are much more stable.

The new Knowledge Update volume comprises a total of approx. 500 printed pages, representing up-to-date and reliable synthetic methods. SOS Knowledge Updates are governed by clearly defined criteria for method selection as well as established editorial processes. The Editorial Board, in conjunction with the volume editors and authors, reviews the whole field of synthetic organic chemistry as presented in SOS and evaluate significant developments in synthetic methodology. With expert evaluated content focusing on subjects of particular current interest, the SOS Reference Library complements the SOS Knowledge Updates to make SOS the complete information source for the modern synthetic chemist.

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