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Ovid: COUNTER 5 compliance

COUNTER 5 Compliance

Dear Ovid Customer:

We are pleased to announce that beginning in January 2019, Ovid will be compliant with COUNTER 5 reporting guidelines.

COUNTER codes of practice require content providers to produce consistent, comparable and credible usage data to librarians and other administrators. The new guidelines in COUNTER 5 include streamlined reporting, better accounting of e-book usage, and a more flexible approach to data that provides a more accurate usage landscape in fewer reports.

You will be able to view your usage statistics in Ovid WebStats under the new COUNTER 5 guidelines beginning in February 2019 at https://stats.ovid.com. January 2019 COUNTER statistics will be available at that time. We will send out another message in February to remind you of this new reporting option.

You can continue to access your current COUNTER 4 statistics using Ovid WebStats at: https://ovidspstats.ovid.com until further notice as you transition to COUNTER 5.

At Ovid, we are always listening and constantly striving to provide you and your users with the best experience possible.

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].
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