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Springer Nature expands nanotechnology research solution with the inclusion of more than 22 million patents

A new module has now been added to the nanotechnology research database Nano. The patent module allows users to sort through over 22 million nano-related patents across all major jurisdictions and languages. This means that researchers can find patents from areas highly affected by nanotechnology, narrow their search by country, filing year and jurisdiction, and ultimately demonstrate the scientific and commercial value of their project and its anticipated impact. All researchers who currently have access to Nano will be able to use this new module.

Nano was launched by Springer Nature in 2016 and serves as a critical point of reference for nanotechnology researchers with expertly-curated data summaries of more than 260,000 nanomaterials. These summaries enable researchers to quickly find and compare information such as properties, biological effects/ toxicities, applications, characterisation and preparation methods. The abstracting and indexing module utilises advanced artificial intelligence-powered search capabilities to connect researchers to more than 720,000 nanotechnology-related research papers published in leading journals.

Nanoscience and technology is a rapidly growing and competitive field which has shifted from exploration to commercialisation bringing about massive opportunities and a focus on intellectual property. Nanotechnology is also revolutionizing many industrial sectors, including information technology, defence, medicine, transportation, energy, environmental science, telecommunications and electronics. The European Commission estimates the sector to be worth in excess of USD 1 trillion.

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Source: www.knowledgespeak.com

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