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The Royal Society of Chemistry launches the Chemical Science Symposium series

The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the launch of the first in a new series of symposia, to be held at the historic home of the Royal Society of Chemistry, at Burlington House on London's Piccadilly.

Under the banner of its flagship Open Access journal, Chemical Science, the Society will be shining a spotlight on cutting-edge chemistry research, giving it the sort of attention that drives scientific progress and makes a real difference to all our lives.

Leading materials science researchers and emerging investigators from a broad range of backgrounds will come together to explore and celebrate the theme of the 2019 symposium – functional organic materials. In order to provide opportunities for early career researchers, the scientific programme is accompanied by flash talks and poster sessions, with networking opportunities and discussions.

The topics covered during the symposium will include chiral materials; porous materials and covalent organic frameworks; nanomaterials; supramolecular and polymer chemistry; and biomaterials and bioinspired materials. Applications include materials for (bio)sensing, electro- and photo-catalysis, electronic devices, energy conversion, harvesting and storage, optoelectronics, nanomedicine and biological applications.

The plan is to keep the event in the same location every year, while changing the theme to reflect latest trends and news. It provides a way for the wider community to regularly stay in touch with editors and researchers across a broad range of topics in the chemical sciences. It will also be a great way of staying up to date with what's happening in the journal, from technical developments to the hot topics coming your way in future.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is keen to encourage and enable as many people as possible to attend the events, to benefit from the networking opportunities and the chance to hear talks from leaders in the field.

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Source: www.knowledgespeak.com

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