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Readers can now access the latest Taylor & Francis research on the go via the Researcher app

Readers can now keep track of the latest Taylor & Francis research on the go through their mobile devices, using the Researcher app.

'Researcher' makes keeping up to date with the latest published research simple with a social media-style personalised feed. The feed displays papers and data from a pre-selected list of journals and can be customised with keywords to only display the most relevant research for you.

The Researcher account automatically syncs across platforms making sure they do not miss out on new papers, and integration with Mendeley and Zotero means bookmarked papers also automatically sync with reference manager. The option to sign in to the institutional account enables immediate access to the journals the institution subscribes to.

Researcher can be downloaded free from the Apple app store, Google Play or AppGallery by searching for 'researcher.'

Brought to you by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a trusted global partner for digital content transformation solutions - Abstracting & Indexing (A&I), Knowledge Modeling (Taxonomies, Thesauri and Ontologies), and Metadata Enrichment & Entity Extraction.

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Source: www.knowledgespeak.com

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