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Royal Society of Chemistry launches new gold open access journal - RSC Chemical Biology

The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the launch of RSC Chemical Biology – a new gold open access journal for exceptionally significant findings in chemical biology. Professor Hiroaki Suga from the University of Tokyo is leading the journal’s editorial board. His research interests are RNA, translation, and peptides, and he is the founder of PeptiDream Inc.

Article publication charges for the journal are waived until mid-2022, meaning it will be free to read and free to publish in for the first two years.

The journal welcomes contributions from across the breadth of chemical biology, from the development of new chemical and biological techniques and tools, to studies furthering the understanding and/or manipulation of biological processes at the molecular level. It will also encourage translational research that bridges chemistry and chemical biology to medicine. All published articles must be of significant general interest to the broad chemical biology community.

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