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Remote Learning Resources from Wolters Kluwer


Remote Learning Resources and webinars from Wolters Kluwer

At Wolters Kluwer we understand the unique challenges colleges and universities are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to support our customers as they move to a remote online learning environment. To help you make this transition, we are offering academic institutions complimentary access to a selection of products for the next sixty days.
Our customer support and training teams are ready to help your faculty and students get started. To receive access, click on the "Request Access" button below and complete a brief request form. A member of our Ovid Customer Support team will contact you directly to begin the setup process.

Find out more here: http://tools.ovid.com/remotelearning/

Find more details on Ovid's webinars: https://tools.ovid.com/webinars/remote-learning-eer/

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