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SeamlessMD and Wolters Kluwer, Health collaborate to deliver COVID-19 interactive multimedia content


Digital patient engagement platform SeamlessMD and Wolters Kluwer, Health are collaborating to deliver current and evidence-based COVID-19 interactive multimedia content through the SeamlessMD digital patient engagement platform. This new content, which will be continuously refreshed, will equip health systems with patient engagement that they can deliver to their patients in a compelling, real-time format.

With this collaboration, Wolters Kluwer’s EmmiEngage® COVID-19 resources are available directly to health systems and their patients accessing digital care plans on SeamlessMD for a wide variety of healthcare conditions. The resources are accessible right at the top of the patient web and mobile applications, and are updated regularly so patients have the most current responses. EmmiEngage COVID-19 patient engagement content is available at no cost to all SeamlessMD customers, as well as on the Wolters Kluwer website.

SeamlessMD and Wolters Kluwer are also working to bring other types of content to their users, including digital care plans to support transitions of care for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).

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