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Karger Publishers launches Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics

What are the effects of elevated blood sugar on the course of a Covid-19 infection? How has the quarantine changed the eating habits of society? Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics, a new Karger publication, answers these and many other questions.

The first issue of the new Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics journal will be published on December 2020. The new healthcare journal aimed at dietologists and nutrition scientists is put together by Karger in cooperation with the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD). The European umbrella organisation of dietologists and nutrition scientists includes 33 member organisations in total with over 33,000 members in 28 European countries. They will in the future all be given free access to the e-journal.

Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics will be published twice per year in a digital format: in Fall/Winter and in Spring. Every issue will be dedicated to a thematic focus. The first issue focuses on Covid-19. What connections might there be between nutrition and the course of the illness? What role does nutrition play in rehabilitation following recovery? Psychological topics such as the influence of the pandemic on nutritional habits are also explored.

A successful publication series of Karger’s in several languages, Kompass journals are addressed to clinicians and medical specialists. Recent additions have been made in the subject area pneumology which is also available in Spanish for the Latin American market and now, the newest journal in nutrition sciences. The Kompass journals report on important news from that specialised field and also offer a column on clinicians and doctors in training. The primary goal of the journals is to transfer knowledge from research to practice. The experienced advisory councils place a focus on the relevance of the research results for the practical work with patients.

More information on Kompass Nutrition & Dietetics can be found at karger.com/knd (once the journal is launched).

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