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SAE International COVID-19 Support


SAE International is providing access at no cost to standards that aid industry in supplying medical support during COVID-19. These standards include specifications and recommended practices for transportation of cargo on the main deck of passenger planes to provide medical flights and to transport urgently needed medical supplies between countries. 

Access to the standards are available here:

Cargo Standards:
1.           Cargo Restraint Straps ? Utilization Guidelines ARP5595B
2.           Air Cargo Pallets - Utilization Guidelines ARP5486
3.           Air Cargo Unit Load Devices - Reference Documents AIR36105B
4.           Air Cargo Unit Load Devices ? Load Distribution Model AS36101A
5.           Cargo Shoring Guidelines ARP5596B
6.           Air Cargo Pallet Extensions AS1988B
7.           Air Cargo Pallets and Nets Compatibility ARP36104A
8.           Methodology of Calculating Aircraft Cargo Volumes AS1825C
9.           Cargo Restraint on Aircraft Passenger Seats - Main Passenger Cabin ARP4049A

Please visit SAE International's website to find out more.

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