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Netter's Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards

Netter's Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards

Wydawnictwo Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
Data wydania 24/11/2016
Liczba stron 540
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780323442794
Kategorie Anatomia
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Netter's Advanced Head & Neck Anatomy Flash Cards are the perfect portable study tool for quizzing yourself on key anatomic structures and clinical conditions of the head and neck. They accentuate the clinically relevant anatomy through beautiful Netter illustrations and new artwork in the Netter tradition, making for a fast and fun review at any stage of your healthcare career.

Cards are cross-referenced to the parent text, Netter's Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry, 3rd Edition, and include much of the new art from the textbook.

Beautiful, well-known Netter illustrations accentuate the clinically relevant anatomy.
Feature an image and numbered labels on one side, and label answers and comments on clinical and anatomic relevance on the other.
Set includes additional Imaging, New Art, and Clinical Correlate cards.
Perfect for quick, portable study for head and neck and dental anatomy courses.
Allow you to quiz yourself on key anatomy terms and test your knowledge of classic presentations of disease.
Pre-punched holes make it easy to carry selected groups of cards with you.

Netter's Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards

Spis treści

Section 1. Development

Section 2. Osteology

Section 3. Neuroanatomy

Section 4. Neck

Section 5. Scalp and Face

Section 6. Fossae of the Deep Face

Section 7. Nose, Nasal Cavity, and Paranasal Sinuses

Section 8. Oral Cavity

Section 9. Ear

Section 10. Orbit

Section 11. Imaging

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