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Seven Lies

Seven Lies

Wydawnictwo Sphere
Data wydania 01/04/2020
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 384
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
Język angielski
ISBN 9780751578126
Kategorie Beletrystyka nowoczesna i współczesna (po 1945 r.), Kryminał , Opowieści sensacyjne, Romanse, Przemoc w społeczeństwie, Przestępstwa i kryminologia
66.00 PLN (z VAT)
$17.95 / €14.72 / £12.64 /
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Dostawa 2 dni
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'A hugely exciting new voice in crime fiction' Lucy Foley DISCOVER THE MOST EXPLOSIVE DEBUT THRILLER OF THE YEAR 'One of the most compelling narrators I've ever encountered' SHARI LAPENA 'Chilling and original' CLARE MACKINTOSH 'The perfect pscyh thriller - smart, dark and morally ambiguous' TAMMY COHEN 'You NEED to read this one' LESLEY KARA 'Breathtakingly good' TM LOGAN 'You won't want to put this one down' CARA HUNTER 'This is going to be the next massive thriller' PANDORA SYKES 'You'll be turning the pages deep into the night' HARLAN COBEN 'Shockingly intimate and scarily insidious' LISA GARDNER 'Brilliantly twisty' MICHELLE FRANCES 'A clever, deliciously dark pageturner' ALICE FEENEY 'Takes the idea of the unreliable narrator and spins it on its head' ARAMINTA HALL 'Brilliantly plotted' ALI LAND 'You won't be able to put it down' CHRISTINA DALCHER ___________________________________ It all started with one little lie . . . Jane and Marnie have been inseparable since they were eleven years old. They have a lot in common. In their early twenties they both fell in love and married handsome young men. But Jane never liked Marnie's husband. He was always so loud and obnoxious, so much larger than life. Which is rather ironic now, of course. Because if Jane had been honest - if she hadn't lied - then perhaps her best friend's husband might still be alive . . . This is Jane's opportunity to tell the truth, the question is: Do you believe her? This is a tense nerve-shredder that wrong-footed me again and again, leaving the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. There's nothing more terrifying than watching someone disintegrate when love takes a wrong turn. -- Val McDermid This is the smartest thriller we've read in a while . . . It's twisted and thrilling, and you will zip through it. * Goop * This gripping and very scary tale of obsessive love is a tour de force * Irish Independent * Compelling . . . this fine novel shines a light on how our darkest moments shape our future * ipaper * Beautifully lyrical, infused with a kind of anticipatory dread that grips you from the very beginning. * Birmingham Post * Compelling * Irish Times * This compelling and unsettling thriller will have you totally gripped! * The Sun (Fabulous Magazine) * A remarkable debut from a remarkable author * Shots * A chilling read that we couldn't put down * Bella * What a narrator, and what a plot! Toxic friendships don't get more toxic than this. * Prima * We're in * Stylist * A slick debut ... original and clever * Woman's We

Seven Lies

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