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Military and Veteran Mental Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Military and Veteran Mental Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Wydawnictwo Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Data wydania 25/01/2018
Liczba stron 471
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9781493974368
Kategorie Psychologia, Zdrowie publiczne i profilaktyka, Lekarska praktyka ogólna, Psychiatria
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This authoritative and comprehensive title is designed to enhance best clinical practices for all healthcare providers who care for military service personnel and veterans. The book is organized into four sections. The first section covers foundational information on the culture and context of health care for members of the US military and veteran population. The second section focuses on systems of care for mental health needs of military and veteran populations. The third section characterizes best practices as well as ethical issues in clinical care for mental health needs of members of the military and veterans. Guidance in relation to a wide range of clinical topics is provided, such as mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, combat and operational stress, military sexual assault, psychosis, and sleep disorders. The last section is intended to assist readers in reinforcing their learning through a set of clinical cases with accompanying questions for deeper consideration. An invaluable resource for all clinicians, allied health personnel, and administrators concerned with the mental health needs of service members and veterans, Military and Veteran Mental Health: A Comprehensive Guide is a gold-standard addition to the literature on military healthcare.

Military and Veteran Mental Health: A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Foundations of Military and Veteran Mental Health Care

1. Modern History of Military and Veteran Mental Health Care

Thomas Allen Grieger

2. The Importance of U.S. Military Cultural Competence

Eric G. Meyer, Gary H. Wynn

3. The Commitment of the Veterans Health Administration to Mental Health Care for Veterans: Historical Overview and Context

Stuart Gilman, Ruth O'Hara

4. Resilience in the Military: The Double-Edged Sword of Military Culture

Amy B. Adler, Walter J. Sowden

5. Psychiatry Graduate Medical Education in Military and Veterans Affairs Training Facilities

Daniel R. May, Patcho N. Santiago, Alan K. Louie, Laura Weiss Roberts

6. Ethical Considerations of the Practice of Psychiatry in the Military

Brett J. Schneider, John C. Bradley

Section 2: Systems of Care for Mental Health Needs of Military and Veteran Populations

7. Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense Integrated Systems of Mental Health Care

Samuel L. Preston

8. Screening for Mental Health Disorders in the Military

Daniel J. Lee, Christopher H. Warner, Charles W. Hoge

9. Mental Health Command Consultation

Rebecca I. Porter, Danielle K. Clauss

10. The Perpetrator Hypothesis: Victimization Involving LGBT Service Members

Carl Andrew Castro, Jeremy Goldbach

11. The Military Mental Health Disability System

Jeffrey Guina, Randon S. Welton, Pamela J. Broderick, Ryan P. Peirson

12. Vocational Rehabilitation

Charles Drebing, Lisa Mueller, Christopher Waltrous, Walter Penk

13. Risk Factors, Service Delivery, and Prevention of Veteran Homelessness

Jack Tsai, Robert A. Rosenheck

Section 3: Clinical Care for Mental Health Needs of Military and Veteran Populations

14. Mood Disorders

Claudia B. Padula, Alicia C. Vanden Bussche, Leanne M. Williams

15. Understanding and Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans

Shannon McCaslin, Kile M. Ortigo, Erica Simon, Josef I. Ruzek

16. Combat and Operational Stress

Jill E. Breitbach, Yaron G. Rabinowitz, Christopher H. Warner

17. Military Sexual Assault

David E. Johnson, Jennifer Yeaw

18. Ethical Challenges in Treating Detainees and Prisoners of War

Stephen N. Xenakis

19. Substance Use in Military and Veteran Populations

John D. Hunsaker, Robert Joel Bush

20. Co-Occurring Substance and Mental Health Disorders

Lantie Jorandby-Quinones, Ellen Edens, Robert Rosenheck

21. Psychosis: Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

Ronald J. Gurrera, Nicole L. Perry

22. Mental Health of the Older Veteran

Aazaz Haq, Laura B. Dunn

23. Traumatic Brain Injury Among U.S. Service Members, Veterans, and their Families

Treven Pickett, Lillian Stevens, Ajit Pai, Nicholas Pastorek

24. Suicidal Behaviors in Military and Veteran Populations: Risk Factors and Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

Holly B. Herberman Mash, James A. Naifeh, Carol S. Fullerton, Joshua C. Morganstein, Robert J. Ursano

25. The Role of Sleep in Mental Illness in Veterans and Active Servicemembers

Lisa Talbot, Elizabeth Klingaman, Michelle Primeau, Makoto Kawai, Sophia Pirog, Joshua Jordan, Ruth O'Hara

Section 4: Clinical Cases and Self-Study Questions on Mental Health Needs of Military and Veteran Populations

26. Clinical Cases and Self-Study Review for the Mental Health of Military and Veteran Populations

Alan K. Louie, Honor Hsin, Kim Bullock, Margaret May, Chase Warren, Laura Weiss Roberts

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