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This Is Disciplinary Literacy

This Is Disciplinary Literacy

Wydawnictwo Corwin Press
Data wydania 01/01/2015
Wydanie Pierwsze
Forma publikacji inne
Język angielski
ISBN 9781506326955
Kategorie Edukacja
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Think you understand Disciplinary Literacy? Think again. In this important reference, content teachers and other educators explore why students need to understand how historians, novelists, mathematicians, and scientists use literacy in their respective fields. ReLeah shows how to teach students to: Evaluate and question evidence (Science) Compare sources and interpret events (History) Favor accuracy over elaboration (Math) Attune to voice and fi gurative language (ELA)

This Is Disciplinary Literacy

Spis treści

  • Acknowledgments

  • Foreword

  • Chapter 1. Literacy Within the Disciplines

  • The Problem With Reading Strategies

  • Unpacking Disciplinary Literacy

  • Deeper Learning and Disciplinary Literacy

  • Disciplinary Literacy and Standards

  • The Role of the Teacher

  • Spotlight on Science

  • Disciplinary Reading, Writing, Inquiry, and Collaboration

  • Suggestions for Further Reading

  • Chapter 2. Reading Within the Disciplines

  • The Benefits of Reading Within the Disciplines

  • Shifts for Reading Within the Disciplines

  • Reading Within Science

  • Reading Within Math

  • Reading Within History and Social Studies

  • Reading Within ELA

  • Spotlight on ELA

  • Questions (and Answers) About Reading Within the Disciplines

  • Spotlight on Special Education

  • How to Get Students Reading in Every Discipline Every Day

  • 1. Current Events Short Takes: Making Disciplinary Learning Relevant

  • How It Works

  • ? Tips for Using Current Event Short Takes

  • Why It Works

  • Extend and Adapt

  • Spotlight on History and Social Studies

  • 2. Reading Aloud: A Bridge to Complex Text

  • How It Works

  • ? How to Read Aloud

  • ? Ideas for Reading Aloud

  • Why It Works

  • Extend and Adapt

  • 3. Getting It Visually: Infographics, Charts, Graphs, Political Cartoons, Photographs, and Illustrations

  • How It Works

  • ? Questions for Interpreting Visual Text

  • ? Ideas for Incorporating Visual Literacy

  • Why It Works

  • Extend and Adapt

  • 4. Entering the Blogosphere: Text From the Real World

  • Spotlight on ELA and Social Studies Team-Taught Class

  • How It Works

  • Why It Works

  • ? Ideas for Using Blogs in the C

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