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Rethinking Peace Mediation: Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Rethinking Peace Mediation: Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Wydawnictwo Bristol University Press
Data wydania 11/01/2021
Liczba stron 400
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9781529208191
Kategorie Dyplomacja, Zażegnywanie sporów międzynarodowych
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$131.18 / €122.54 / £105.07 /
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Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers important insights into peace mediation practice today and the role of third parties in the resolution of armed conflicts. The authors reveal how peace mediation has developed into a complex arena and how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. Offering unique reflections on the new frameworks set out by the UN, they look at the challenges and opportunities of third-party involvement. With its policy focus and real-world examples from across the globe, this is essential reading for researchers of peace and conflict studies, and a go-to reference point for advisors involved in peace processes.

Rethinking Peace Mediation: Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Spis treści

Rethinking Peace Mediation: Trends and Challenges ~ Catherine Turner and Martin Wahlisch
Part 1 ~ Normative Influences on Mediation
Promoting Professionalism: A Normative Framework for Peace Mediation ~ Philipp Kastner
Norm Diffusion in International Peace Mediation ~ Sinisa Vukovic
The Emulation of Peace Mediation Practices: Beware of the Jurisgenerative Train ~ Emmanuel De Groof
Cowboys or Mavericks?: The Normative Agency of NGO Mediators ~ Julia Palmiano Federer
The Challenges of Legalised Peacemaking: The Case of the 2012-16 Peace Negotiations in Colombia ~ Asli Ozcelik
Part 2 ~ Inclusion in Theory and Practice
Inclusion of Whom? And for What Purpose?: Strategies of Inclusion in Peacemaking ~ Andreas Hirblinger and Dana Landau
Rethinking Mediation During Contested Regime Transformation and Episodes of Mobilization ~ Elisa Tarnaala
From Normative to Social Approaches to Inclusion: Supporting Multi-scalar Peace Process Design ~ Emma Van Santen
The Business of Peace and the Politics of Inclusion: The Role of Local Business Leaders in Yemen (2011-2016) ~ Josie Lianne Kaye
Mediating Across Worldviews ~ Jeff Seul
Part 3 ~ Strategies of Engagement
Mediating Multi-lateral Proxy Conflicts ~ Francis Ward
Towards a More Integrated Approach?: Co-operation Among the UN, AU, and IGAD in Mediation Support ~ Jamie Pring
Women's Mediator Networks: Reflections on an Emerging Global Trend ~ Irene Fellin and Catherine Turner
Technology and Peace Mediation: A Shift in the Mediator's Profession? ~ Miguel Varela
The Nexus of Peace Mediation and Constitution Making: The Case for Stronger Interaction and Collaboration ~ Mir Mubashir, Julian Klauke and Luxshi Vimalarajah
Rethinking the Professionalisation of Peace Mediation ~ Lars Kirchhoff and Anne Isabel Kraus

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