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Women in Microbiology

Women in Microbiology

Wydawnictwo American Society for Microbiology
Data wydania 01/06/2018
Liczba stron 329
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9781555819538
Kategorie Biografie: ogólne, Mikrobiologia i wirusologia, Historia nauki
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Opis książki

Many girls want to become scientists when they grow up, just like many boys do. But for these girls, the struggle to do what they love and to be treated with respect has been much harder because of the discrimination and bias in our society. In Women in Microbiology, we meet women who, despite these obstacles and against tough odds, have become scientific leaders and revered mentors.

Women in Microbiology

Spis treści

1. Bonnie L. Bassler: The Group Accomplishes More than the Individual 2. Antje Boetius: Exploring the Living Infinite 3. Sallie "Penny" Chisholm and Oceans of Prochlorococcus 4. Margaret Dayhoff: Catalyst of a Quiet Revolution 5. Johanna Doebereiner: A Pioneer Among South American Scientists 6. Diana Downs: A Path of Creativity, Persistence, and Rigorous Testing 7. Nicole Dubilier: A Force of Nature 8. Katrina J. Edwards: A Force in the World of Environmental Microbiology 9. Alice Catherine Evans: The Shoulders Upon Which So Many Stand 10. Mary K. Firestone: Groundbreaking Journey of a Microbial Matriarch 11. Lady Amalia Fleming: Turbulence and Triumph 12. Katrina T. Forest: A Renaissance Woman in Microbiology 13. Elodie Ghedin: Unlocking the Genetic Code of Emerging Outbreaks 14. Jane Gibson: A Woman of Grace and Acerbic Wit 15. Millicent C. Goldschmidt: Scarred Pioneer and Protector of the Biosphere 16. Susan Gottesman: An Exceptional Scientist and Mentor 17. Carlyn Halde: Free Spirit 18. Jo Handelsman: Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend 19. Caroline Harwood: With Grace, Enthusiasm, and True Grit 20. Marian Johnson-Thompson: Lifelong Mentor 21. Carol D. Litchfield: Salt of the Earth 22. Ruth E. Moore: The First African-American to Earn a Ph.D. in the Natural Sciences 23. Nancy A. Moran: The Winding Path of a Brilliant Scientific Life 24. Flora Patterson: Ensuring That No Knowledge Is Ever Lost 25. Felicitas Pfeifer: Creativity through Freedom 26. Beatrix Potter: An Early Mycologist 27. Abigail Salyers: An Almost Unbeatable Force 28 Christa Schleper: Enthusiasm and Insight in the World of Archaea 29. Marjory Stephenson: An Early Voice for Bacterial Biochemical Experimenters 30. Michele Swanson: A Rewarding Career and Life in Balance 31. The Legacy of Patricia Ann Webb: Broken Vials and Urgency 32. Donna M. Wolk: It's Never Too Late To Bloom 33. Esther Miriam Zimmer Lederberg: Pioneer in Microbial Genetics 34. Women Microbiologists at Rutgers in the Early Golden Age of Antibiotics

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