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Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved from Itself

Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved from Itself

Wydawnictwo Zed Books Ltd
Data wydania 15/05/2018
Liczba stron 272
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781786993694
Kategorie Globalizacja, Struktura polityczna: demokracja, Prawa obywatelskie i obywatelstwo, Aktywizm polityczny, Demonstracje i ruchy protestacyjne, Grupy i ruchy rewolucyjne
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Opis książki

Europe might appear like a continent pulling itself apart. Ten years of economic and political crises have pitted North versus South, East versus West, citizens versus institutions. And yet, these years have also shown a hidden vitality of Europeans acting across borders, with civil society and social movements showing that alternatives to the status quo already exist. This book is at once a narrative of the experience of activism and a manifesto for change. Through analysing the ways in which neoliberalism, nationalism and borders intertwine, Marsili and Milanese - co-founders of European Alternatives - argue that we are in the middle of a great global transformation, by which we have all become citizens of nowhere. Ultimately, they argue that only by organising in a new transnational political party will the citizens of nowhere be able to struggle effectively for the utopian agency to transform the world.

Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved from Itself

Spis treści

Foreword by Tania Bruguera
1. Introduction: Citizens of Nowhere
2. Broken Clocks
3. The Wizard of Oz
4. If Europe is a Fortress We Are All in Prison
5. Beyond Internationalism: A Transnational Interdependence Party
Citizens of Nowhere: A Rallying Cry
Afterword by Yanis Varoufakis

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