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Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management: A Comprehensive Textbook

Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management: A Comprehensive Textbook

Wydawnictwo Springer, Berlin
Data wydania
Liczba stron 418
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Język angielski
ISBN 9783319961248
Kategorie Chirurgia ogólna
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For years the administrative of anesthesia was extremely dangerous and risky. Because of this the surgeon and anesthesiologist had to balance the risks and benefits for each patient before proceeding with surgery. In the last two decades the care of the surgical patient has changed dramatically. New equipment, monitors and pharmacologic agents have transformed surgical technique and improved outcomes. Patients once deemed "too sick" for the operating room are found frequently on operating room schedules nationwide. 
Today, anesthesiology for the healthy patient in most developed countries is extremely safe.  However, perioperative complications still occur. These events can be catastrophic for patients and may have serious implications for residents, surgical and anesthesiology staff and nurses. Prompt recognition and management of these incidents may reduce or negate complications. This is based on a fundamental base of knowledge acquired through several avenues and practiced with other team members to maximize outcomes.  Engagement of all caregivers impacts outcomes. Many organizations do not have the structural components or education to recognize or manage these catastrophic events. 
This textbook will provide educational material for the many students, as well as nurses, residents or attending physicians who participate in perioperative medicine. It will focus on the most serious perioperative complications and include a discussion of the pathophysiologic and pharmacologic implications unique to each. Additionally, it will provide medicolegal information pertinent to those providing care to these patients. All chapters will be written with the most current and relevant information by leading experts in each field.The layout and format is designed to be purposeful, logical and visually effective. Other features include review questions and answers, chapter summaries and shaded call-out boxes to facilitate learning.
Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management will be of great utility for medical and nursing students, anesthesiology residents, student nurse anesthestists, surgical residents, nurses involved in perioperative medicine as well as surgical and anesthesiology attending physicians. 

Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management: A Comprehensive Textbook

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Sleep Apnea.- Postoperative Visual Loss: Anatomy, Pathogenesis, and Anesthesia Considerations.- Substance Abuse.- Awareness.- Shared Airway: Techniques, Anesthesia Considerations and Implications.- Dental Injury: Anatomy, Pathogenesis, and Anesthesia Considerations and Implications.- Complications of General Anesthesia.- Pain Management.- Regional Anesthesia/ Monitored Anesthesia Care.- Massive Perioperative Hemorrhage: Considerations in Clinical Management.- Cardiovascular System Damaging Events.- Airway and Respiratory System Damaging Events.- Burns in the Operating Room.- Eye Injury.- Severe Peripheral Nerve Injury.- Catastrophic Perioperative Complications and Management in the Trauma Patient.- Obstetrics.- Catastrophic Complications in Pediatric Anesthesiology.- Ambulatory and Office Based Surgery.- Remote Locations.- Equipment Problems.- Perioperative Medication Errors.- Physiologic Monitoring: Technological Advances Improving Patient Safety.- Quality of Care in Perioperative Medicine.- Professional Liability.- Medical Malpractice.- Closed Claims Project Overview.- Peer Review in Perioperative Medicine.- Perioperative Complications Chapter: Shared Decision Making and Informed Consent.

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