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Precision Motion Systems: Modeling, Control, and Applications

Precision Motion Systems: Modeling, Control, and Applications

Publisher Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
Year 18/05/2019
Pages 288
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780128186015
Categories Mechanical engineering, Robotics, Database design & theory, Information visualization, Information architecture
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Book description

Precision Motion Systems: Modeling, Control, and Applications presents basic dynamics and the control knowledge needed for the daily challenges of researchers and professionals working in the field. The book explains accurate dynamics and control algorithms, along with experimental validation of precision systems in industrial, medical, airborne and spaceborne applications. By using the proposed experimental designs, readers will be able to make further developments and validations.

Precision Motion Systems: Modeling, Control, and Applications

Table of contents

1. Introduction 2. Iterative Learning Control of Linear Precision Systems 3. Iterative Learning Control of linearized Precision Systems 4. Iterative Learning Control of Nonlinear Precision Systems 5. Nonlinear Friction Modeling and Compensation of Linear Precision Motors 6. Designing, modeling, analysis and control of precision 3D printing machine 7. Development and Adaptive Control of air-bearing systems and medical machines 8. Design, model, control and experiment of electric-optical systems will focus on airborne precision systems 9. Accurate Modeling and Suppression of Micro-vibrations in Precision Spacecrafts 10. Twister-based Control and Application in Precision Spacecrafts 11. Precision Control and Experimental Investigations of Laser Relay Satellites 12. Modeling and Precision Control of Space Structures

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