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Choose Llamas

Choose Llamas

Publisher Ladybird
Year 01/07/2019
Edition First
Pages 32
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
Language English
ISBN 9780241392706
Categories Picture books, Animal stories (Children's/YA)
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36.00 PLN / €7.85 / £7.09
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Book description

It's time to CHOOSE. Time to choose LLAMAS! This laugh-out-loud book puts the power in your hands as you build your very own llama squad. Which llama would you choose to be your superhero sidekick? Which llama would you choose to ride in a high-speed llama race? Which llama would you choose to go to space with? With five llamas to choose from on each page, each with their own individual style and personality, this is a hilarious, wacky and wonderful opportunity to promote discussion and decision-making skills. Also coming soon: Choose Sloths

Choose Llamas

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