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Methods of Mathematical Modelling

Methods of Mathematical Modelling

Publisher CRC Press Inc.
Year 01/09/2019
Edition First
Pages 238
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780367220082
Categories Product design, Mathematics, Calculus & mathematical analysis, Calculus, Functional analysis & transforms, Differential calculus & equations, Maths for engineers, Production engineering, Systems analysis & design
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Book description

This book features original research articles on the topic of mathematical modelling and fractional differential equations. The contributions, written by leading researchers in the field, consist of chapters on classical and modern dynamical systems modelled by fractional differential equations in physics, engineering, signal processing, fluid mechanics, and bioengineering, manufacturing, systems engineering, and project management. The book offers theory and practical applications for the solutions of real-life problems and will be of interest to graduate level students, educators, researchers, and scientists interested in mathematical modelling and its diverse applications. Features Presents several recent developments in the theory and applications of fractional calculus Includes chapters on different analytical and numerical methods dedicated to several mathematical equations Develops methods for the mathematical models which are governed by fractional differential equations Provides methods for models in physics, engineering, signal processing, fluid mechanics, and bioengineering Discusses real-world problems, theory, and applications

Methods of Mathematical Modelling

Table of contents

1. Fractional Model of Vibration Equation. 2. Fractional Schrodinger Equations. 3. Fractional Advection-Dispersion Equations. 4. Fractional Model of Chemical Reactors. 5. Fractional Gas Dynamics Equations. 6. Fractional Model of Smoking Dynamics. 7. Fractional Riccati Differential Equations. 8. Fractional Model of Bloch Equations. 9. Fractional Model of Diffusion Equations. 10. Fractional Klein-Gordon Equations. 11. Fractional Fornberg-Whitham Equation. 12. Fractional Biological Population Model.

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