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The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice

The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice

Publisher Wiley & Sons
Pages 608
Version hardback
Language English
ISBN 9780470590720
Categories Adult education, continuous learning
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Book description

The Handbook of Transformative Learning
The leading resource for the field, this handbook provides a comprehensive and critical review of more than three decades of theory development, research, and practice in transformative learning. The starting place for understanding and fostering transformative learning, as well as diving deeper, the volume distinguishes transformative learning from other forms of learning, explores future perspectives, and is designed for scholars, students, and practitioners.
Praise for The Handbook of Transformative Learning
"This book will be of inestimable value to students and scholars of learning irrespective of whether or not their emphasis is on transformative learning. It should find its way to the reference bookshelves of every academic library focusing on education, teaching, learning, or the care professions."
-Peter Jarvis, professor of continuing education, University of Surrey
"Can there be a coherent theory of transformative learning? Perhaps. This handbook goes a long way to answering this question by offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives, including non-Western, that consider the meaning and practice of transformativelearning."
-Shauna Butterwick, associate professor, University of British Columbia
"This handbook will be valuable and accessible to both scholars and practitioners who are new to the study of adult education and transformative learning and to more seasoned scholars who seek a sophisticated analysis of the state of transformative learning thirty years after Mezirow first shared his version of a then-fledgling theory of adult learning."
-Jovita Ross-Gordon, professor and program coordinator, MA in Adult Education, Texas State University

The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice

Table of contents

About the Editors ixAbout the Contributors xiPART ONE: SETTING THE CONTEXT 11 Transformative Learning Theory: Seeking a More Unified Theory 3Patricia Cranton and Edward W. Taylor2 Themes and Variations of Transformational Learning: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Forms That Transform 21Elizabeth J. Tisdell3 A Critical Review of Research on Transformative Learning Theory, 2006-2010 37Edward W. Taylor and Melissa J. Snyder4 Studying Transformative Learning: What Methodology? 56Sharan B. Merriam and SeonJoo Kim5 Learning to Think Like an Adult: Core Concepts of Transformation Theory 73Jack MezirowPART TWO: EXPLORING THE THEORY OF TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING: DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES 976 Mezirow's Theory of Transformative Learning from 1975 to Present 99Lisa M. Baumgartner7 Nurturing Soul Work: A Jungian Approach to Transformative Learning 116John M. Dirkx8 Critical Theory and Transformative Learning 131Stephen D. Brookfield9 Transformative Learning: A Developmental Perspective 147Kathleen Taylor and Dean Elias10 Deep Transformation: Forging a Planetary Worldview 162Edmund O'Sullivan11 Transformative Learning and the Challenges of Complexity 178Michel Alhadeff-Jones12 Transforming Transformative Learning Through Sustainability and the New Science 195Elizabeth A. Lange13 An Existential Approach to Transformative Learning 212Peter WillisPART THREE: TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING: CULTURE, POSITIONALITY, AND INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES 22914 Cultural-Spiritual Perspective of Transformative Learning 231Nadira K. Charaniya15 Women and Transformative Learning 245Leona M. English and Catherine J. Irving16 Positionality and Transformative Learning: A Tale of Inclusion and Exclusion 260Juanita Johnson-Bailey17 Transformative Learning Theory: A Perspective from Africa 274Peggy Gabo Ntseane18 Transformative Learning in Europe: An Overview of the Theoretical Perspectives 289Alexis Kokkos19 International and Community-Based Transformative Learning 304Olutoyin MejiuniPART FOUR: TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING: CENTRAL CONCEPTS AND SETTINGS 32120 Critical Reflection and Transformative Learning 323Carolin Kreber21 The Role of Experience in Transformative Learning 342Dorothy MacKeracher22 Group Work and Dialogue: Spaces and Processes for Transformative Learning in Relationships 355Steven A. Schapiro, Ilene L. Wasserman, and Placida V. Gallegos23 Transformative Learning in the Workplace: Leading Learning for Self and Organizational Change 373Karen E. Watkins, Victoria J. Marsick, and Pierre G. Faller24 Fostering Transformative Learning in Higher Education Settings 388Carol E. Kasworm and Tuere A. Bowles25 Fostering Transformative Learning Online 408Regina O. SmithPART FIVE: FOSTERING TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING: PRACTICES AND ETHICS 42326 Transformation as Embodied Narrative 425M. Carolyn Clark27 Learner-Centered Teaching and Transformative Learning 439Maryellen Weimer28 Storytelling and Transformative Learning 455Jo A. Tyler and Ann L. Swartz29 Transformative Learning Through Artistic Expression: Getting Out of Our Heads 471Randee Lipson Lawrence30 Fiction and Film and Transformative Learning 486Christine Jarvis31 Learning to Be What We Know: The Pivotal Role of Presentational Knowing in Transformative Learning 503Elizabeth Kasl and Lyle Yorks32 Evaluating Transformative Learning 520Patricia Cranton and Chad Hoggan33 Educator as Change Agent: Ethics of Transformative Learning 536Dorothy EttlingPART SIX: REFLECTING ON THE FUTURE OF TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING 55334 Reflecting Back and Looking Forward 555Edward W. Taylor and Patricia CrantonName Index 575Subject Index 588

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